New Year = New Plan

SIMMS Inventory Management software handles the needs for both coordination of your accounting year-end needs as well as providing the accurate and specific inventory demands of any company. Whether your business tracks retail items for sale, manufactures goods for sale either locally or world-wide, or serves as a strategically-placed holding bin for a wide service area, SIMMS can help keep the complex steps separate and simple. Contact KCSI today to find out more about the comprehensive excellence of SIMMS.

Moving the Extra Stock

Often times after a run on goods that were in great demand during a holiday season, we are left with a great amount of stock we have to reduce in price in order to clear. SIMMS Inventory Management software provides all the tools needed to prepare special offers and schedules for much-needed turnover of inventory into capital. Great profits can be made through structured plans comprised of advertising, proportional price reductions and offer management. Contact KCSI today to find out more about SIMMS’ abilities to help you recover profits in record time.

The Whole Wide World

Store One. Store Two. Third one added across the county. Five in the state now. Regional provider. Franchises available. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows for global administrators and local workers alike to pursue excellence in the workplace. Small or large, businesses can manage all locations and stock no matter where the stores are located nor where remotely the administrators may be. Contact KCSI today to learn more about SIMMS’ features to make all information and access as easy as turning on a computer.

All the Choices

When we look to improve our tracking capabilities we need to be able to distinguish significant figures from active but temporary entries that can often impress and distract. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, the choices for areas of improvement become more obvious and appropriate due to the vast array of reports the program provides. For more information on how SIMMS can help your business succeed, contact KCSI today.

Prints of Peace

Rushed off your feet during this busy time? Do you know where all your stock is? Are your year-end books ready for tax time? SIMMS Inventory Management software can keep your dizzying schedule well in hand. Customer resource management, order processing, schedule preparation and shipping coordination are all well-in-hand with SIMMS on your side. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can bring more confidence and peace into your busy life.

It’s In the Wind

The modern world is changing fast and businesses need to keep up to every new twist and turn that comes our way. Inventory software has to be intuitive, resilient and robust. SIMMS provides all the tools you will need to grow forward to the future you desire. SIMMS adds new features, improves existing functionality and makes all the difference in youir plans and dreams. Its developers and programmers can add your needs to the long list of tools that SIMMS has already included in the package. Contact KCSI today with your needs and questions so that SIMMS can become your software of choice — if it isn’t already.

Inherit the Wind

Snow and freezing rain can do a great deal to confuse and delay shipments from your business to your customers. With SIMMS Inventory Management software you can record any truck or container as a location unto itself so that you can always know its exact whereabouts until it arrives at its destination. Sophisticated tools and note fields encourage the precision that you require, thus breeding confidence amongst both your clients and sales personnel. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS can bolster your reputation and your revenues.

Bright Young Things

As every new year appears on the horizon, we have opportunities to capitalize on our mistakes as well as maintain our momentum in the business world. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, we can see our strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments that allow us to expand into the sale of newer, better goods that will keep us competitive with the others in our industry. Contact KCSI today to find out more.

Christmas Stockings

Often our businesses experience a rush of sales as the holiday season approaches, and our anticipation factor becomes a concern. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, you can implement a plan that will carry you through the busy season and not wind up with inventory you can’t move after the rush is over. A time-tested standard for holiday rush time is the Theory of Reduction. This theory suggests that as time shortens (in weeks) before a set rush period, your orders should level off then reduce: with two weeks left, order double your weekly average; with one week left, order the average; less than a week, order only exactly what was the minimum sold on the slowest day. Once the holiday is passed, you’ll find that your stock demand falls back to pre-rush order levels and your shelves are not overstocked. Contact KCSI today to find out more tricks for your inventory control needs.