I Wish the Boss Could See This

The ability to produce organized data and get it to those who need it is a quality of all great software. SIMMS Inventory Management system contains scores of built-in reports and they are all customizable so that the views you need are available and can be forwarded to anyone in your system, either in their original format or in common other forms so that time and distance become are friends instead of enemies to the overall efficiency of your business network. Previews let you see what you get before going to print; exporting is as simple as a single mouse click. Department heads, accounting department workers and/or inventory team members all see the same data at the same time. Contact KCSI today to learn more.


Good software must have the ability to handle its users needs when they need it. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, all the application’s resources are available to all who use it. Users never have to worry about interruption of service, no matter how many of them are logged in at the same time. Administrators can track which users are logged into the system, whether they are down the hall or on the other side of the world. Further, new users can be setup and access granted seamlessly and quickly. Usage, access rights and more can be checked on-the-fly — contact KCSI today to learn more.

Good Inventory, Good Business

Errors during inventory control are costly and destructive to your bottom line. The net worth of your business is increased by everything you do right and diminished by every faulty system or program currently in place. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows you to monitor all current systems and implement changes and new systems all while allowing you to see the effects that inventory is having on your profit margin. Contact KCSI today to learn more.

It’s All About the Work…flow

Complex procedures such as reserved stock, customer returns, improvement visualization and shipping procedures are necessary steps toward improvement of every company’s commercial success. SIMMS Inventory Management system permits the graphing of sales patterns, assignment of locations and stock items, gives remote access to approved users and many other practical and necessary options. For more information and a demo version of SIMMS, contact KCSI today.

Your Best Toolbox

SIMMS Inventory Management software. Customize invoice numbers, tax codes and values, logos, item categorizations, storage details and company information. Restore and backup stock, set staff permissions, track sales, manage stock, create purchasing, transfer and sales transactions. Coordinate your entire enterprise from top to bottom — all with SIMMS.

Contact KCSI today to learn more.

For Argument’s Sake

Comparisons are made all the time — last quarter versus this quarter, bulk sales versus top list sales, averages versus highs and lows. With SIMMS Inventorey Management software, scores of analytical reports keep your most significant figures at your fingertips. Whether it is trends in purchasing or sales, top-selling items or inventory turnover rates, SIMMS can show the numbers you need most, both for current day or over a selected time period. Contact KCSI today to learn more.