Putting It All Together

Companies that manufacture need to stay on top of their costs of buying the materials they use to assemble their BOM assemblies, knowing full well that it goes from large-to-small: they buy 100x to make 10y which they sell one Z at a time. Thus too many Xs sitting on shelves are investments that can take along period to recoup the expenses. While volume discounts help keep the overhead lower when buying the companents, too may components not being used in massive number of builds cramp not only the production department but also cramp the bottom line in terms of capital. SIMMS Inventory Management software can help businesses manage their component stock quantities as well as providing multi-layered analytical data to show which compnaents are moving and which ones are not. Contact KCSI today to learn more about Kitting/BOM and keep your production and stock costs as low as possible.

Make ‘Em Sooner Than Later

In manufacturing, the amount of time you can reduce in producing items you subsequently sell leads to peak efficiency and customer satisfaction. SIMMS Inventory Management software streamlines the assembly process in all quarters, from cutting lead time for receiving components, saving labour on sub-assemblies and ultimately trimming your in-house production’s bottom line.

Automomation serves you best if you can be receiving, sub-building and master building at various stages all at the same time. If one sector is ahead of another, re-commit some workers to the sector that lags the most. Versatility within the workforce as well as a comprehensive overall view of all processes by administration can help you operate at full effectiveness.

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Make Them Keep Up

With SIMMS Inventory Management software, users can easily track which suppliers are keeping up with your required schedule and which ones are lagging behind. If they are costing you sales and forcing you to make excuses to your customers, then such vendors have to be replaced. Your company requires you not only to set a standard of performance but also to measure up to it. If suppliers can’t match your needs when you need them, someone elsewhere will. Make that move soon, and notice an improvement immediately — loyalty is something that must be earned every time, order after order.

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Having What It Takes

Restocking of items you move all the time is important.

SIMMS Inventory Management software can help a lot with the speed of your stock replenishment. The prime question is — and will always be — how fast can an item be restocked. From your customers’ satisfaction all the way through to your bottom line, its primary importance cannot be overstated. If you are loyal to vendors who take forever to get you the supplies and stock you need, you must consider moving on to someone new who can deliver in the shortest amount of time. Long-term vendors need to quicken their supply times not only for you, but for all of their clients. Choosing the best vendors is a task second to none if you are to maintain, or improve, your company’s own lead times.

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