Playing the Slots

How far does every shipment have to travel in-house before it, like Elvis, has left the building?

With SIMMS Inventory Management software, you can assess the extra time and labor involved in your shipping processes, from the generation of the order(s), the delivery of the picking sheets to your warehouse personnel and from the retrieval of the item(s) from their respective locations to their packaging for shipment. The shorter the distances and the times from an item’s slot in storage to its physical exit of your building. Peak items — which also include items that you move out in bulk form on a regular basis — should be physically slotted as close to the shipping bay as possible, thus reducing the time and labor costs incurred within your shipping practices. These adjustments, in combination with the implementation of optimized line point adherence and best-value freight habits, can greatly help you increase customer satisfaction and decrease your overall shipping expenses.

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Not a By-Line, But a Line Buy

To make your pennies make sense, the best inventory practice must take into consideration vendor minimums as well as freight costs. To take advantage of this, inventory managers make line buys, wherein rather than just place single items onto purchase orders, the expense and the lead times for items are minimized by ordering a series of items that will be needed all on one order. A line point is the stock count at which an item becomes eligible for ordering. If the on-hand count is below the line point but has not yet reached the (re)order point, order an item. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows you to keep things straight and know when your line points have been reached, and further, to make sure all such items from a set vendor are being ordered at the same time, thus optimizing the ordering process and minimizing the expenses involved. To manually figure your line point, acquire the item’s demand per day; next, you’ll need the number of times your business meets the vendor’s best deal criteria for the item (known as the order cycle) — now multiply these two numbers. Finally, add the (re)order point you have set for the item. This sum is your line point for the item.
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Buying in bulk and block goods directly from manufacturers or wholesalers or importers and then selling to retail outlets of various sizes was a common practice in the not-too-distant past. Using the earliest versions of SIMMS Inventory Management software, such “jobbing houses” dealt with inventory as vastly different as stockpiled metal or wood, clothing, floor tiles, industrial solvents and tools. To some degree, the “jobbers” still exist if they operate a bulk business wherein they store raw materials for their own use and from them, produce finished goods that they in turn sell in their respective specialty markets. With their specific needs, SIMMS too has grown to make easier the tiny specifics that make or break their type of businesses.
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Movie Serials

Indexing of any collection of items can be daunting, but the best way to setup a system to manage serial numbers (both domestic and inherited), lot numbers, item descriptions and catalog/part numbers is to keep a model of a video/DVD store in mind. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows for numerous categorization levels, versatility of naming/numbering and additional levels of extended descriptions and details and two separate levels of serialization. Using the vid/DVD model, some customers walk in and search the various sections of the store organized by the genre to which the movie belongs; some like to search by the decade (or specific year) the movie was made. Still others want to search by the films’ directors, stars, writers, etc.

When you consider all possible groupings that an inventory item could be found, you gain an insight into the way your customers think of their needs. Some will shop by color, others by size, still others by manufacturer or usage (electronic, hardware, automotive, etc.). If you structure on paper the echelons you are likelyt to use before implementing and importing your items into SIMMS, you’ll soon inhabit a system that will allow item searches to take place in seconds.

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It’s Not the Size

A one-inch bolt. A three-inch nail. The little washer clamp thing. Professionals in equipment supply hear these descriptions all the time from customers standing in front of them. SIMMS Inventory Management software has all the tools for these pros, from image inclusion to specific categorization of items (as well as multi-layered subcategorization features). Any item can be found and seen in seconds, and the satisfied customer has what they need.

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Life in Pictures

Catloguing is a requirement of a great many retail outlets that like to keep their customers up-to-date through e-mails about new items, clearance items or occasionally entire stock lists. SIMMS Inventory Management software permits the assignment of countless images for each stock item, with a default image assigned to display on the program’s Item Manager screen as well as on invoices (if desired). Catalogs of stock make shopping easy for both new and established customers alike.

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The worst discovery any Inventory Manager can make is the location containing dust-covered stock items that none of the employees recognize. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, the same manager would have seen his obsolete (dead) items long before he actually did a physical count of his shelves and bins. With quick-to-see analytical views and screens, SIMMS helps you to keep on top of your transfers, sold items and slower-turning stock.

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On the Jet Stream

Imagine the maintenance and repair of a sophisticated piece of equipment such as an aircraft. It can contain thousands of parts, from the tiniest pins to manifolds that require a crane to transport them. SIMMS Inventory Management software has the capability to track and organize all pieces great and small into committed projects and BOMs (kits), which can be committed and built as the parts come in. A rich lot management feature with devoted vendors from various locations and variable size can easily be setup and employed to marshall a comprehensive system with sub-assemblies, schedules, cost management and labor assignments all done within one package. Whether the task is a regular maintenance checkup or a major refit or retooling, SIMMS can help you keep the project straight and simple to manage.

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Hitting the Right Note

In the hectic environment of a busy storefront or huge showroom or cavern-sized warehouses — full of activity, staff running back-and-forth, stock being brought out then sent back, items being sold or put on hold. In such scenarios, accurate inventory tracking is essential. SIMMS Inventory Management software helps with one particular need in such cases: information. A salesman wants to add a reminder note to call a customer back…someone in Accounts Receivable wants to enter a note for the Shipping Department to receive…a person in purchasing needs to designate specific information for the manufacturing department: all can add their notes and provisos in SIMMS.

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Long Time Coming

Much thought and planning can go into the timelines you wish to establish as lead times for your vendors. SIMMS Inventory Management software provides great diversity and considers that reorder points and lead time are most often specifically different for each of your locations/branches and that one vendor may have very specific delivery needs for a wide array of their materials. Analytical reports within SIMMS enable you to track the tendencies and will provide information you need to consider changing vendors for your most-needed items.

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