How SIMMS Barcoding Can Make the Difference

Advanced technology is designed to make doing business with less expense and greater accuracy. One of the greatest tools available today is in the use of barcoding. Those patterns of little lines on items, whether assigned at the manufacturer or applied in-house, have revolutionaized inventory management. SIMMS Inventory Software Solution contains one of the most advanced and accurate barcoding modules in the world today. Contact KCSI to take advantage of what SIMMS can do for you.

SIMMS: Simplicity and Precision in Equal Parts

Web authors everywhere — and in this day-and-age they really seem to exist EVERYWHERE — always want something. Perhaps it’s attention to fuel their tiny egos. Perhaps it’s because they want you to pay them money for some useless but pretty bauble. It just might be that they are some sort of genius and just like to have a web presence for their fans to bask in their glory. But on occasion, and only just occasionally, they might have something to say of value. They might just raise a point or two that settles an argument or provides a service. One such company is Kornyk Computer Solutions International. If you’re seeking an inventory management software solution, visit and spend a minute having a look at the SIMMS system. You’ll be glad you did.

Using Departments in SIMMS

Inventory stored in your backrooms, warehouses, bins and so forth are of utmost importance to the way that you make profits improve. Stock needs to be where it needs to be. Too much stock means wasted capital on materials that are just sitting there growing old. Too little stock makes your staff scramble to keep up with demands that hit your doorstep every day. Both conditions are unsatisfactory.

The method used by many businesses is to compartmentalize the orders being made so that flaws can become more easily apparent. This division of the processes in place at your locations is best done by the assignment of departments, so that those who overstock and those who understock can have the information on their trends become an important criterion that is monitored. One department may have someone who panicks and over-orders materials, while another department always seems to be waiting to act because there’s never enough stock on hand to complete the orders. Once departments are created, and SIMMS users are assigned to them, it becomes easy to track where the strengths and weaknesses reside.

Orders have their departmental data attached to them and move through the system with all their green flags and red flags intact and unalterable once they exist. Take advantage of these departmental ‘assignments’ by using SIMMS Inventory Management software — your bottom line will not regret knowing what is being stored and what is not.

Using Manufacturer’s Lots to Enhance Accuracy

Manufacturer’s Lots come with a wide variety of details and information. Some are multi-digit numbers, some are nothing but letters that spell nothing sensible to you. Some are a mix of the two.  When you assign them upon the receipt of stock, they can become useful tools for deciding many of the possible future uses for those items.

Some stock is ordered in for a particular process or project. Some is received to cover the anticipated requirement for orders that will be placed in the not-too-distant future. SIMMS permits users to include any required usage information in manufacturer’s lot fields so that stock on hand cannot be pulled into projects on-the-fly. This data being available for assembly users, or sales agents, guarantees that all stock onHand is clearly devoted or clearly available.

Lot information can be entered on purchase orders so that upon receipt the stock is committed immediately to a particular kitting (BOM) build or assigned to a larger projectfor which it is required. Lot assignment is also a useful method that can be used to track items long after the day they have been rolled into a process or sold directly off the shelf. This type of tracking is particularly useful for indentifying items that may have a history of replacement or repair, as well as more readily locating those pieces that have a sound history of functionality. SIMMS Inventory Management software allows users to achieve these results through simple data entry fields, both as items enter the system or later once the items are already in stock.

Time, Accuracy and Turnover: The Three Goals of Inventory Management

A comprehensive inventory and accounting solution need not break your bank account — in fact, good ones help you profit in numerous ways. One criterion is time — doing the least hands-on interaction puts growth of the business and revenues at the forefront of your day-to-day duties. SIMMS Inventory Management software helps you optimize your manpower investments on the tasks of customer satisfaction while demanding very little time to cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s.

In concert with time comes accuracy — exactly what you need in the exact location you need it when the customer calls. SIMMS’ multi-location tracking features ensure that customers get the goods they need no matter which location they contact or visit. Rates of consumption, knowledge of levels of stock replenishment and the foresight to know what items are always required comes to every user of SIMMS easily and quickly due to its robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

The third profit requirement of inventory is turnover — turning the stock you purchase back into an increased cash flow as soon as possible. Whether you process large orders or small, or deliver items across a counter locally or ship them internationally, the physical movement of stock is vital to the success of your business. These many orders have to flow efficiently and smoothly, and the versatility of SIMMS is at your command to help you achieve your goals. Clean and quick, easy but precise, SIMMS Inventory Management software is affordable, clean, quick, easy and precise enabling you to break the bank but not break your bank account. Contact us at to learn more and run a trial version today.

The SIMMS Choice: Speed and Accuracy

Have you ever felt that software companies are just this abstract collection of nameless, faceless grubbers who only want your money? Of course you have, because many of them are. But if you take pride in your software and you just happen to be a bunch of honest people who truly care about their clients’ needs and have built and rebuilt their software packages to truly provide value for money, then visit if you are in the market for an inventory management software package that gives instant value and doesn’t cost you the equivalent of a downpayment on a house.

The Speed and Strength of SIMMS

SIMMS Inventory Management software delivers many beneficial advantages in its reliable and feature-rich service, but unlike most other software solutions, you won’t require hours and hours to learn it. Installation, setup and initial usage of SIMMS is measured in minutes, not in days like other packages on the market. Your time is always better spent on doing business, not in wading through vast sloughs of demands and reams of instructions.

SIMMS can process a purchase order or a receipt of goods or a sale can be entered quickly and easily so that you’ll always know how much stock WAS in your hands and how much cash IS in your hands. Newest technologies provide accuracy and reliability; information import places your stock in the system quickly and easily; simple screens let you process orders and sales with little effort; versatile and precise accounting provides the icing on the cake. All these features are there to keep your work flow unbroken while providing analyical data required for decision-making at your fingertips.

For any of the many features you may not require immediately but wish to utilize at some juncture in future, SIMMS’ convenient training options provide one-on-one or group sessions that maximize the time you wish to spend at whatever times you have available. Basic usage of SIMMS can begin in mere seconds while administration-level usage takes only minutes to master. Contact us to discover the easiest precision you’ve ever experienced — with SIMMS Inventory Management software, THE solution you need today.

The Magic of Uncommitted Transactions

SIMMS Inventory Management software possesses a feature that allows the user to control their business process: Uncommitted Transactions. This unique advantage gives SIMMS users an advantage not found in other software packages. Often, software processes are a very binary state — either transactions are created and saved or they simply do not exist. SIMMS, however, employs a versatile feature to expand on this common but basic need.

Sometimes the user may wish to not complete a sale or receipt of goods but at the moment only enter of select the stock items that will be involved in the transaction. Perhaps they only wish to process a receipt of goods early while they await the actual arrival of the shipment. Uncommitted transactions are the answer.

In other software, if users create a transaction and do not save it, the work is lost when the transaction screen is closed, just as if the transaction had never been made. In SIMMS, the transaction can have all its details entered or selected and then can be closed. Such transactions are retained in the system, and can be re-opened at a later juncture, additional details or edits can be made to it and then can be finally be saved as committed transactions. This advantage is available to all users of SIMMS Inventory Management Software, and is just one additional advantage of which users can take an accounting leg-up on the competition.

Vendor Quoting Using the RFQ Submission Form

Today’s ToolTip comes from KCSI Technical Writer Marc Kondylis:

Vendor Quoting Using the RFQ Submission Form

If you are using SIMMS RFQ Submission Portal, your vendor logs into the portal to view and respond to your RFQ. The following procedures describe how a vendor uses the RFQ Submission Portal to submit a quote.

Note:The following procedures are written for your vendors. Provide them these instructions to help them respond to your RFQs using the RFQ Submission Portal.

Login to the RFQ Submission Portal

1. In your e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook), open the RFQ sent to you by your customer.

The e-mail includes a link to the RFQ Submission Portal, a password, and the deadline for your RFQ response.

2. Make note of the password sent to you in the e-mail, and then click the RFQ Submission Portal link.

The portal’s login page opens in your web browser.

3. In the Username text box, type your e-mail address.

4. In the Password text box, type the password included in the e-mail sent to you, and then click Login.

The RFQ Details page opens.

Enter Your Response to an RFQ

You enter your response to your customer’s RFQ directly in the RFQ Submission Portal. Your response includes your prices for the items on the RFQ and any comment you want to associate with your response.

1. In the RFQ Details page, under Please select an RFQ, click the RFQ you want to respond to.

A table listing the items in the RFQ appears.

2. Under Items in RFQ, click the Edit link.

3. In the Price text box, type the price of your item.

4. In the Comment text box, type any comment you want to include with your response.

You can add a comment for each item on the RFQ.

5. Click the Update link, and then click Submit.

Your RFQ response is sent to your customer.

The New SIMMS 8 Main Window

With the introduction of version 8.0, SIMMS Inventory Management software users get to experience the new streamlined main window.

An intuitive left menu lets users find what they need to work on easily and load the windows they need quickly.

Further, users can make the program desktop more useable for their specific needs by a simple drag-and-drop of a menu icon into the work area so that in future sessions they can open these pre-selected windows they need with a single mouse click as soon as trhe program opens.

With more options, features and vastly customizable user interaction, SIMMS 8.0 will lead to and easier and speedier experience for those who want to make their inventory management experience both precise and personal.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about version 8 of the world’s fastest-growing inventory program on the market – SIMMS 8.0.