Your Sales Process Checklist

In the rapid world of business, you need versatility and adaptibility in the sales software package you use. Here are some requirements to check for when you’re in the market to buy a package to handle your quote-sales order-invoice-Accounts Receivable process:

– You must be able to customize each quote you give before you have settled on all the details.

– You should be able to select and maintain serial number and information for your inventory items.

– Alternate Ship-To and Bill-To addresses need to be easily selected.

– You should also be able to maintain the rotation of your stock by monitoring and controlling their expiration dates.

Sales orders need to be issued as complete or just in partial status, and invoices must be possible at any stage of the process.

– You may need internal security to require orders to be approved and authorized prior to the issuing of stock.

– You must be able to place sales orders on hold to control their issue.

– Also, you should have the ability to issue stock directly at the sales order level.

– New sales orders can be created from saved sales orders.

– You should be able to easily convert existing quotes into new quotes in order to make repeat orders a snap.

– You also must be able to add items related to sales orders that are already underway.

– You need to apply quick payments towards invoices from a single screen.

– Lastly, you need to be able to sell to anyone, anywhere.

These features would be what I consider to be the minimum requirements for any business for its sales process, and they all should be part of the software package you employ. Good hunting!

Using Negative Stock on Sales Orders

When making up sales orders, sometimes you may want to create them while not having the necessary stock quantity on-hand. Negative stock enables you to create those sales orders, save them, and then eventually through the use of backordering, to receive the stock into their warehouses and replace the negative stock with actual items at some future date.

While companies should always fear the over-investment in stock that just sits in the warehouse that only might eventually be used one day, a larger concern is that stock that is required immediately has yet to be ordered for projects with medium-length deadlines for completion. If the stock is there when it is needed, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and less interruptions to throughput.

The need for order flow keeps those involved in stock management aware of precisely how many orders have been created and how many units of inventory stock items they will need. This streamlines the process by reducing the number of purchase orders created in the system, and enables the items placed on negative stock to be added to existing purchase orders before they go out. The stock software you need should already incorporate the concept of negative stock, which can be one of the most useful concepts for many businesses to coordinate their inventory orders.

SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 has been released

Press Release
SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0 has been released
Abbotsford, BC Apr 29, 2011

KCSI today is pleased to announce the release of SIMMS Inventory Software Version 8.0, a widely anticipated update to its popular Inventory Software Application. SIMMS Software turns your computer into an advanced inventory management and accounting software tool, giving you the ability to setup inventory items, transfer your inventory from location to location, complete sales and purchasing transactions, track serial numbers with manufacturer lot control, expiration date management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Order Fulfillment and Replenishment, Order Picking, Remote Data collection, Barcode printing and more.

The new SIMMS Inventory Software version now includes a brand new smarter look and feel to the user interface along with customizable grids, easier to use order entry screens, enhanced item cost tracking, improved faster loading screens, new modules such as the order picking module with 2D barcode scanning capabilities, 2D barcode printing and more.

Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. (KCSI) is located in the Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1996 we have evolved into a global Software solution provider and programming house that develops and integrates business inventory management and accounting applications.

Sheldon Kornyk

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Inventory Management is simple using SIMMS Inventory Software, feel free to watch our video illustrating some of the key areas we have enhanced SIMMS Inventory control software.
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Improving Inventory Turnover Rates

Often we wonder how to improve our turnover rates, which are the true mark of inventory management success. Having the stock on hand to easily fill any orders made by customers is the ideal, because inventory is only worthwhile if it is available when it is needed, so that the goal of converting it back into capital as soon — and as often — as possible can be met. With SIMMS Inventory Management software you can track the items that sell, as well as the ones that do not, and make quick improvements to your bottom line.
Contact KCSI today to learn more about the advantages that SIMMS can bring to your business.

Make Pricing Your Items Easier

SIMMS Inventory Management software permits users to quickly and easily implement pricing adjustments on a system-wide scale using five particular methods. Often administrators in inventory and accounting departments do not have the time to alter the prices of items one-at-a-time, and when their desired method of alteration is based upon a commonly-established system, SIMMS makes this seemingly daunting and time-consuming task as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

The methods for global changes in SIMMS are as follows:
1) Dollar Markup – this method adds a specific dollar amount to the existing sales prices of the items.

2) Percent Markup – this method adds a specific percentage to the existing sales prices of the items.

3) Dollar Discount – this method subtracts a specific dollar amount from the existing sales prices of the items.

4) Percent Discount – this method subtracts a specific percentage from the existing sales prices of the items.

5) Percent Markup Pricing – this method increases the sales price for the items by adding a specific percentage onto the purchase cost of each item.

If users have one of the above methods in mind, a single entry on a single screen and a single mouse click will apply the change to every item in stock. This option is one of many streamlined features of SIMMS Inventory Management software that reduces usage time while increasing the bottom line for your business.

New Business Info Leads to New Opportunities

When systems compile information from a database, they merely grab values that are needed for time-worm formulas. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, built-in reports can be customized to link to information that may not be included in those standard formulas. These customized views often produce the best and most useful data.

Perhaps more profits can be made by introducing an entirely new plan, or often a subtle adjustment can make all the difference. Such decisions require the information to be current and accurate. With SIMMS, users are provided with many sorts of analytical data from various reports and numerous displays that provide the material needed to make the most sound business decisions. Commonly, as vendors change and prices are adjusted either higher or lower, inventory and accounting personnel need to adjust the details of doing business.

Stock consumption, items that sell least or sell most, items that depreciate as they sit unsold on the warehouse shelves or pieces that seem to require more repairs or replacements than do others — all these concerns can lead to much-needed changes imparted by managers and department heads. Complete information is the answer to the challenge for those whose jobs require swift and easy adjustments to make profits maximize and overhead costs decline. Decision making is made simple and complete when using SIMMS.

Is Your Business Software Too Static For Your Needs?

It’s true that businesses both new and old need to keep up with the changes in world-wide commerce, but they also need to attend to things going on in their own back yard.

Do their vendors supply them with the items they need in a timely fashion? Are there improvements that can be made to the flow of the business itself? Are they satisfying their customers with speed, competence and are they growing to suit their changing needs? Do they know where their inventory is at all times? Their overview must be comprehensive and every step of every project must be followed for the signposts that can lead to improvement.

Business owners have not got the time to just coast along, but they must be active in their reactions to trends and patterns in not just their own field, but must plan for absorption of new ideas and maintenance of patterns that are already working and producing results. And if software can help them manage their various battles on numerous fronts, then that’s an edge they can maintain over their competitors. And if that software can be customized to both consider and track details unique to their business, then that will place them miles ahead of the pack.

be certain that your business software does more than just record what HAS happened. It must employ features that can advise and analyze what CAN happen. In that difference may just lie the very future of doing business.

Why is My Stock Missing?

Suppose you’re in the need for a checkup…not for your health but for your business. Was something that was needed for the next order to a customer been suddenly moved someplace else and the movement has now caused a delay or forced you to reorder another piece? Do you often find that stock you thought you had is oddly missing from where it’s supposed to be?

The solution is to acquire an inventory software package that monitors ALL your stock EVERYWHERE it may be and, better yet, prevents such losses or movements from occurring.

SIMMS Inventory Management software solution is just the answer for your business, large or small. No matter the particular twists of your industry or the size of your stock locations, SIMMS fits itself to your needs easily and quickly while saving you enough time and money to blow off some steam. Visit today to keep your stock where you need it.

Pick Your Inventory Person Wisely

Too often businesses wait and wait before realizing the importance of having someone serve as their inventory specialist. Inventory is too often handed to someone unfamiliar and unprepared. There is always someone who has the natural skill set to do well in such an important position. Never choose just anybody. Give the inventory tasks to several within your organization and you’ll soon discover which person has the natural talent. The ones with ideas for improvement and the ability to both voice and implement the ideas are a valued asset to your company.

Don’t waste people where they will not excel — put the best people into every department if you truly wish to succeed. Once your inventory person is chosen, everyone else must know it, and further know that he or she will be using THE state-of-the-art inventory management solution: SIMMS.

KCSI, the world manufacturer of SIMMS Inventory Management software, are leaders in inventory software for small to medium-sized businesses. Contact KCSI today to learn more about the importance of managing your stock accurately and thoroughly.

The Importance of Tracking Stock Details

Accuracy and immediate tracking of items is one of the important tasks your company can perform, and inventory personnel should be able to quickly add the warranty data to items that are received on invoices in combination with other stock. Once received with assigned data, stock in your system carries that data permanently, allowing for your customers’ satisfaction and providing valuable data about those items that may have a consistent record of required repairs and/or replacements.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Return to Vendor (RTV) features, your customers should never have to wait long for their replacement or repair of items under warranty. Drop-ships of items directly from an item’s vendors is yet another feature to streamline this process. Settings in your software should allow for easy access to items that may have passed their warranty dates so that users can avoid beginning the replacement or repair process as any RMAs come into the system.

Warranty tracking needs to allow for easy access to warranteed items so that their aging and expiry can be monitored. Check out more information on the process here.