Improved Your Banking Process with SIMMS

While other software packages require users to master complex accounting procedures and manually implement them, SIMMS has been created using the input of accountants, whose suggestions and focus on the most important information have contributed to the easy and practical steps included in the initial setup of SIMMS. This way, none of the most important settings are missed and none of the data requested during the setup is left as something confusing to the user. Addition of secondary data takes place during the secondary steps of setup, enabling SIMMS users to realize which information is the most important.

Using SIMMS Inventory Management software, you can reconcile credit card, cash, and checking information, manage bank accounts and deposits and transferal of funds smoothly and easily with SIMMS’ Banking features. Accounting requirements can be a challenge to those who are not trained accountants, but SIMMS makes those structured and necessary steps easy to create, edit and manage using intuitive and easy-to-understand windows.

Whether it is in the management of the user’s various accounts, or the tracking of balances due and payment history from customers or to vendors, their details are easily entered or amended within the program. This seamless combination of top-level stock management and leading-edge accounting practices make SIMMS’ Banking features THE choice for small to medium sized businesses everywhere.

Aggressive Marketing is the Key to Success

The secret in marketing your business is to produce as results based on as wide a distrbutiion as possible. Companies must invest in a campaign of at least three months in order to see any results. The way to achieve success is to improve the banner and marquee value of your product, which is achieved by continual improvements in editorial status and expansions in the readership of your advertising content.

Top business and industry journalists that contribute to your advertising will bring readers and followers to your product, website and market share, all of which helps you to succeed in your goals. If your advertising is renewed quarter after quarter, and becomes more specifically applied to those geographical areas and particular industries to which your product applies, your marquee statgus improves, and soon after so does your revenue.

It must be aggressive, professional and consistent, and its future relies on those features that have produced returns.

One parting concept here: pay only for the market you really want.

Printing Options in SIMMS

From SIMMS’ Global Settings window, users can select which transactional documents they want automatically, which ones they want to be prompted to print, and which ones they never want as hard copies. These options for quotes, picking sheets, sales orders, purchase orders, receipts of goods, invoices, invoice packing slips, bills of lading, barcodes on receipt, item transfers and depreciation reports can each be set in the system to observe the above criteria — automatically, every time.

Further options for inclusion on printouts are serial numbers, item details, extended descriptions, valued backorder items and components of kits (BOM). These printout options are yet another group of features easily set and easily used within SIMMS Inventory Management solution. Contact KCSI today for more information on how SIMMS can move you ahead of your competition and stay there.

Each company has its own requirements in regard to the number of trees that it will use each year. Some require everything to be printed, some everything in triplicate, and some only need analytical reports to be in hard copy form. Many firms run as close to a paperless system as they can. SIMMS Inventory Management software permits a company to set its own defaults in regard to what they actually print out and what they don’t.

The Need for the Quarterly Business Review

Businesses no matter what the size succeed or fail for many reasons. Persistence, hard work, the appeal of a product/service, marketing, customer demand or need can all play a part. Some say it is about luck; others say it is about ‘right time, right place’.

Most companies, divisions and departments fail because they have not thought through their strategic business plan after writing it, and instead merely put it on the shelf to never be looked at again. Many business owners and company leaders get tied up working “in” their business rather than working “on” their business, and therefore never really taking the time to plan the future.

For the successful organization, it not only needs a strategy followed by a practical business plan, but also requires the creation of a vision and a subsequent mission statement, to be followed by the implementation of that plan and regular checks of results throughout the year. Your best gauge of this progress is a Quarterly Business Review.

The Quarterly Business Review starts with analysis of the goals of the business:
a) Are they being accomplished?
b) What is the dollar impact?
c) Who is accountable?

Next a review of the organization is warranted:

1) Operations (new development, waste and production)
2) Sales and marketing
3) Talent and time management

Based on the results of the review, companies should have a good understanding of where they are stand and what still needs to be achieved. It is important to develop your plan and check each quarter that the business is meeting the stated goals. The wise suggestion is to examine the strategic plan every three months to confirm that the business is on the right track. If it is not, there is still the opportunity to correct it rather than waiting for year-end to be unhappily surprised.

What Inventory Features Do I Need?

Too often, many businesses settle for having the bare minimum of stock on-hand to meet current orders. Having too many products languishing in a warehouse can effect the business’ bottom line while concurrently making the company look less appealing to possible investors and potential customers.

Quite often a company will offer significant discounts if the inventory numbers are high and sales are low. This is commonly seen in new car dealerships as the manufacturers release the next year’s models before the current vehicles on the lot have been sold. Furniture companies may also offer ‘inventory reduction sales’ in order to clear out their showrooms for newer merchandise.

However, in regard to assets, you must have complete data for their entire lifecycle, from acquisition through issue. There are many standard depreciation methods, and reports are needed for each type you may want to use. All decision-making tools must be integrated into your accounting model so that when you generate your quarterly inventory the information is both current and accurate.

Therefore, a comprehensive inventory management software is invaluable to your success. For your inventory management needs, SIMMS Inventory Management software is all you will ever need.

SIMMS 8 Sales Features

SIMMS Sales features let you customize each quote you give whilst knowing the all the costing details.

Sales orders can be placed on hold to control their issue. You can directly issue stock at the sales order level if this is a reuirement of your company. You can easily convert existing quotes into new quotes in order to streamline repeat orders (cloning). Sales orders can be issued as complete or for only the partial status, and generate invoices for each stage. You can also add items related to sales orders to purchase orders that already exist in SIMMS. Security settings can be employed to allow sales orders to be approved and authorized prior to the issuing of stock.

Further, you can apply quick payments towards invoices all from a single window. In addition, you can quickly select alternate Ship-To and Bill-To addresses. You can also select and maintain serial number and manufacturer’s lot information for your stock, as well as keeping the rotation of your stock moving by monitoring and controlling the expiration dates and warranties for your items.

All these features are smoothly implemented with the SIMMS’ Sales module and intuitive General Ledger Module.