Increase your revenue with better Inventory Management

Many business people don’t realize that increased revenue doesn’t always mean sell more.  There are many internal systems and structures that can also be made more efficient for the purpose of increasing the bottom line.  One of the business systems that can be made more efficient through proper automation is inventory management.  Do you know how much of item A you are carrying?  Do you know what product you are selling out of the quickest?  Do you know where your products are and how quickly they are reaching their destination?  If you aren’t sure of these answers in your business you could be spending a lot of money needlessly.  Paying a live person to do these investigations for you is not cost effective.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software can automate and simplify all processes related to inventory management; thus increasing revenue for your business.

SIMMS is an advanced inventory management, accounting and manufacturing system that offers flexibility and growth.SIMMS Inventory Software is ready to use and easy to adapt and customize, it is today’s choice for dynamic businesses, both large and small, with an eye toward increased productivity and revenue.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software is a comprehensive business management solution that delivers the combined benefits of advanced productivity tools and state-of-the-art accounting and manufacturing capabilities that allows users to operate more efficiently and profitably.  Some of these features include powerful drill-down capabilities, advanced reporting, phantom kitting and more. SIMMS Inventory Software also includes a full suite of modules that are easily customizable to meet a virtually unlimited variety of business needs regardless of your business.

With SIMMS Inventory Software, you can choose the end-to-end business management applications you want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing modules. In addition, SIMMS Inventory Software offers seamless integration, including customer relationship management (CRM), Payroll, e-commerce and vertical solutions.

Here are some other benefits that SIMMS offers:

  • Stock limit notification when a sales person attempts to sell an out of stock item they are prompted with a choice to backorder or to override the alert provided they have permissions to do this.  Otherwise the user can always select from a list of alternative items to offer the customer; this enables the sales person to salvage a sale that would have normaly been lost due to the item being out of stock.
  • POS at your service boost your sales by using the SIMMS Point of Sale module.  This module gives you the till management functionality you need to succeed.
  • Drop ship easily process orders and have them drop shipped directly to your customer.
  • Reduce double entry High end functionality like the ability to create sales orders for purchase orders and vice versa all at once save you time and money.