EDI to Suit Your Needs by KCSI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the computer-to-computer electronic exchange of business data using standard document formats which are widely recognized both nationally and internationally. EDI allows you to eliminate data costly entry errors, improve customer service. speed up the transfer of business data, reduce paperwork and reduce storage and operating costs.

Koynyk Computer Solutions International (KCSI) can provide the custom programming services or software integration necessary to add EDI capabilities to your existing business software solution or design a stand-alone solution precisely to your needs. Their experienced software developers can help you evaluate the requirements, review existing packages, and implement a cost-effective EDI software solution.

KCSI’s flagship software, SIMMS 2012, employs EDI in its reporting features and additional linked-in features to provide instant access to information within the system or to seamlessly and accurately import data into it.

If you have the need for customized EDI, or are only curious about the advantages it can bring, contact KCSI at sales@kcsi.ca for a detailed response.

Changing Item Costs in SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software has long since known that you may need to apply changes to item prices within your system, and thus require a versatile feature to allow single items to be edited while also being able to make global changes to items (such as markups across the board to be effective as of a certain date).

In combination with SIMMS’ Vendor Costs management, you’re always able to see any new increases to the expense of acquiring the items from your vendors, assign their vendor’s own part numbers (for ease of future orders) and assess whether you need to increase your sales prices for each item received.

In addition, depending upon your customers (and any customer groups to which they have been assigned) you may want to have different prices for the same item. SIMMS allows for the assignment of up to 13 different prices for each inventory item (its standard price plus 12 additional dollar-specific amounts). Global mark-ups of item prices, as mentioned earlier, can be made either by a set percentage or by a set dollar amount.

Yet another feature to save you both time and money, SIMMS 2012’s Price Management features keep you on top of your profit margin at a per-transaction basis and allows changes to be made with both ease and speed.

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SIMMS’ Tool Crib

SIMMS 2012’s Tool Crib feature allows site managers to have accurate, up-to-the-minute information on their equipment and tools, dynamically reducing the volume of tools and equipment that get lost, hoarded or removed from the work site.

Easily manage your tool and equipment inventory using scanner and bar code technology, enabling workers to quickly acquire and return the tools they require with or without a Tool Crib attendant while still keeping the employee accountable for them.

Tool Crib works in conjunction with SIMMS Online. The Tool Crib lets workers to check out and return tools and equipment using a simple-to-use web-based application and barcode reader.

The user simply scans their ID Card badge to start the process and then scans the item barcode and/or item serial number of the item(s) they are utilizing, the worker confirms that the list matches their inventory and proceeds to then chooses whether they are checking out or returning inventory.

Every time an item is checked out or checked in the transactions are recorded in your system, time-stamped, attributed to the user allowing you to see who performed the transactions, when and why.

SIMMS Inventory Management software helps companies of all sizes maximize equipment and tool utilization and improve productivity by ensuring the right tool is in the right place when it is needed. Using a comprehensive item-location-serial number-employee database, combined with a simple and accurate barcode-based transaction system, SIMMS’ Tool Crib feature tracks the issuance and return of assets to employees and contractors, as well as the transfer of assets between various warehouse, job-site and tool room locations (including fleet vehicles).

Whether tracking criminal evidence or weapons assignments in a law enforcement agency, documents and legal files at a law firm, medical supplies at a hospital or office supplies at a professional complex, accountability is crucial. Theft, fraud, tampering and human error can lead to massive losses if items are not properly tracked and regulated. Accurate chain-of-custody software ensures your ability to identify and correct irregularities quickly. Not only that, but it serves as a deterrent when those who may be held accountable are made aware of its presence.

Chain-of-custody tracking and asset management are of utmost importance for every company, large or small. At KCSI, we take pride in giving our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing their items are accounted for accurately and reliably.

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Advantages of SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 is a comprehensive manufacturing, accounting and advanced inventory management system, that allows for growth within your company as it expands to incorporate more functionality. Customizable and easy-to-use, SIMMS prepares you to expand your business into its most productive and financially optimized state. Evolving and energized companies, small or large, can benefit from the productivity that cutting edge manufacturing and accounting features provide toward greater profitability and efficiency.

Phantom kitting, versatile reporting, point of sale support, customizable windows and transaction forms, integration with handheld devices, payroll, E-commerce, and customer relationship management (CRM) capability make SIMMS 2012 a robust choice right out of the box. Drop-shipping ability, single entries to increase speed and reduce manpower on data entry, and stock-on-hand notifications for ease and accuracy of reordering are just a few more additions to an inventory and accounting software package that offers much more than its competitors.

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Accounting with SIMMS

SIMMS Business Accounting Software is a group of rich-featured modules that cover all areas of accounting business management. Designed for companies with up to 1,000 employees, SIMMS is a comprehensive financial management solution forming the foundation for the entire suite of applications, including fixed asset management, advanced budgeting, currency trader management, multi-currency management, cash management and advanced allocations.

More SIMMS Accounting Software Features:

Accounts Receivable: Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes and add automatic calculations to your procedure to avoid errors and duplicate entries. SIMMS Accounting Software effectively automates and manages any business’s collection process thus improving cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Accounts Payable: SIMMS Accounting Software has several options that will streamline the approval process, automate vendor related tasks and simplify voucher entries to make any business run more efficiently.

General Ledger: The SIMMS General Ledger features allow any business to process internal transactions, establish flexible accounting periods and budgets and perform future postings. SIMMS Accounting Software puts a business in control of financial data by providing quick access to critical data.

Banking, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Management: This module of SIMMS Accounting Software allows for automatic cash transactions and secure record keeping. This accounting software allows for quick and accurate reconciliations of all bank accounts as well as performs bank transactions with accuracy.

Canadian Payroll: Easypay Payroll is a Canadian software product developed and supported in Canada. Easypay is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and SIMMS Software offers a direct interface to this Canadian Payroll solution.

Quickbook Links: QuickBooks users can view SIMMS Invoices, Credits, Sales Summary, Payments, Bills, and other transactions for any linked contact.

Multi-currency Management: Maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, leveraging the ability to update exchange rates daily, and post realized and unrealized gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.

SIMMS Accounting Software is fully customizable and flexible and can meet any business’s needs whether a small or large business. SIMMS Accounting Software works in conjunction with existing software.

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Inventory Mastery with SIMMS 2012

Inventory management can contribute to a company’s bottom line by allowing knowledge of all aspects of the warehouse/storage model employed by your company. Tracking inventory and the maintenance of inventory rotation has never been easier than in SIMMS 2012.

For example, stock items and non-stock items can be tracked, and miscellaneous items can be defined and assigned charges in the system as well as providing the ability to configure not-for-stock items, service charges, labor, travel time, and so forth.

You can easily change stock counts for specific items in specific locations adjusting serial numbers and manufacturer lots as needed without the need to do physical counts for entire locations. SIMMS’ Physical Count interface makes your stock transactions smooth and easy, and provides all the accounting entries for you behind-the-scenes at the same time.

Item default locations and automatic reorder points can be defined for all stock pieces, thus allowing you to optimize your warehouse usage for increased inventory turnover. Item transfers (with their particular item characteristics) can be done on an individual basis or in groups or allotments, as you require, to as many different locations as you have.

You can maximize both fulfillment rates and picking efficiency in terms of assigned labor for increased accuracy, either using the main SIMMS system, the wireless Windows mobile system, or both. This helps eliminate multiple entries in multiple systems, thus eliminating additional labor costs and data entry time.

Transactions themselves can be made easier through the available customization of the transaction windows on a customer-specific level. One vendor’s receipt window can have less detail than one for a different vendor and thus users of SIMMS can process only the details required. The same efficiency is also true for sales transactions to established customers.

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Software permits auditing a specific item unit’s history and details like its manufacturer serial number, in-house serial number, manufacturer lot , and expiration date (if required). Your established inventory costing method (FIFO, LIFO or Average Costing) can be quickly kept up-to-date as transactions are conducted, from the item’s receipt through its sale. In addition, SIMMS permits and manages an automated Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) generation capability, enabling SIMMS to automatically assign SKUs to your items based on whatever criteria you configure in the SKU Manager interface. Top this off with SIMMS’ ease with printing barcode labels for your items, customers and locations you’ll soon realize just how robust SIMMS really is for your comprehensive inventory needs.

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SIMMS 2012’s Analytics

SIMMS 2012‘s Analytics give you access to important data to help you make business decisions by giving you valuable reports that are completely customizable and flexible for your company’s information demands.

Financial data can be included or restricted from your report contents so that those who need, or don’t need, to see your organization’s numbers. You can access deep analysis by organizing information with multi-level reporting, and define the information that is important to your business and analyze financial data by whatever criteria you apply.

Transactions are easily accessible and analyzed with precision across your entire organization with seamless integration with all accounting features in SIMMS 2012.

Discover more about the SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Program and download a free, fully-functional 15-day SIMMS Inventory Software trial copy.

Job Costing in SIMMS 2012

With SIMMS 2012’s Job Costing Module, repairs and specific jobs you do in-house can be administered, coordinated and tracked to the smallest degree. Schedules, specific items and the vendors you use for the items can be assigned directly to the servicing process.

You can create orders for completing much-needed repair demands. Then you can receive those orders into SIMMS, where they remain allocated to those projects until their completion. You never need worry that the items will be shunted off to some other use.

Actual costs are summarized by cost group and can be assessed alongside your estimated expenses for the job. Labor and items stay assigned to the jobs, and the entire list of dedicated details are assembled and detailed by SIMMS’ purchasing, sales, accounting and inventory processes, from work orders, purchase orders, sales orders and invoicing.

All data is easily accessed, and adjustments made if prices change or estimates require updates. In short, you’ll always know your actual production costs at every juncture of each job, whether small or large. Estimates, time management, labor forces, and inventory requirements are quickly seen and smoothly augmented.

Job Costing allows you to manage multiple projects so that you optimize both your workforce and your resources so that things get done accurately and ahead of schedule.

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SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager

SIMMS 2012 has enlarged and expanded the capabilities of its reliable workhorse, the Visual Import Manager. Data you have compiled outside of SIMMS can now pulled flawlessly into the SIMMS database, saving you a lot of time establishing your item list in the system. Taxable items can be imported quickly and easily into SIMMS with the feature available to mark them as taxable before the import process even begins.

Starting with the new choice for a preferred date format to suit the date format of your source document, KCSI has enhanced the importation of purchase order format/templates, and augmenting the sales order importation with manufacturer’s lot preferences where the oldest lots can be selected by their oldest expiry dates. Sales orders also have their due dates auto-imported so that you instantly know where you stand for shipping and receiving as soon as you view current sales transactions after their import into SIMMS. Payment terms for items and vendors can also be auto-selected – and can be updated for best requirements, giving you ever more current data for every item in your source document.

Related to item details, apparel items can now be imported perfectly with all their specific sizes and styles. Categories for items can now contain, as is often used in industry, apostrophes – both for possessive item names as well as for subdivisions of the categories themselves. Stock specifics such as serial numbers are quickly and easily imported into SIMMS, thus providing even more accuracy immediately after the item import.

With new muscles to flex, SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager is faster and more accurate than ever, bringing your stock data into SIMMS in record quick fashion.

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SIMMS 2012 Apparel Features

Growing from the Apparel Matrix established in previous versions, SIMMS 2012 has enhanced and new apparel features, including:


– A date filter has been added to the Apparel Stock Report.

– All styles for a specific item can be viewed as a group;

– All items that possess a particular style can be viewed as a group;

– All items of all styles within the system can be viewed as a group.


–  Transactions are not just dedicated to apparel items; non-apparel items can now be included on the same invoice as apparel items;

–  Purchase and Sales Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Receipts, Transfers, and Service & Return processes (RMAs and RTVs) all have the apparel matrix available and more robust in its application.

SIMMS 2012 Apparel features have brought it to the forefront of the clothing inventory market. Check out other features here to convince you that SIMMS is your choice for your apparel stock management.