Expand Your Business With Multi-Currency

SIMMS 2012’s Multi-Currency features provide robust and thorough multi-currency functions for companies both large and small. International currencies widen your business  around the world, which will help you gain an angle on your competitors. Adding more currencies to accounting programs can be a challenge as customer bases expand. But not for SIMMS, whose unlimited currencies make your accounting and sales details complete and easy, even if your customers are from a smaller and less well-known nation. Reports are quickly accessed and all Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable details are easily displayed for all of your business, new and old, both far and wide.

As you conduct your transactions, you can make changes, additions and adjustments with the ultimate result that you account balances remain current and accurate. You can print checks in any currency you need to all accounts used by your customers. If you use SIMMS’ Point of Sale module, any customer’s base currency or your company’s base currency are immediately fluid at the moment of sale with no delays whatsoever. The comprehensive features of SIMMS’ Multi-Currency, your financial concerns are minimized and your profits are maximized. Your business can therefore expand to any customer anywhere in the world.

Payment processes are accelerated and made easier, and you gain the options to override default currencies for your customers and your customers. An automatic advantage is that you gain full EMU accreditation, with an added bonus being that buying and selling rates are supported within SIMMS. You can also update exchange rates as they fluctuate each day, so that your commerce is standardized for the current market.

For more information on how SIMMS 2012 handles multi-currency, visit www.simmssoftware.com today, or email sales@kcsi.ca.

The Sales Process in SIMMS 2012

When you choose SIMMS 2012, information important for sales analysis becomes easily accessible. Numerous tools and processes help you improve the quality of your decision making and contributes to a more accurate analysis of your profit standing. While you transfer stock, place sales orders and fill backorders,  all transactions related to sales provide much-needed data so that you can make improvements to inventory management and help you advocate sound sales plans and practices.

With SIMMS you can also process requests for quotes (RFQ) and place orders quickly, and the information flow remains easy and quick as you add to existing information in the system or enter initial data about the newest shipments received. As you ship stock out of the system, details such as availability, costing, price groups in existence, bulk sales rates, shipping details, order status and many other sales details are all available instantly and can be confirmed for their precision and importance. The complete arsenal of SIMMS’ sales information remains available for best choices regarding beneficial policies and customer service and satisfaction can remain your points of focus.

Historical information for both quotes and sales orders are maintained by SIMMS, and their information stays at the fingertips of your sales staff. This increases department-wide communications of the most current and accurate information. A precise sales process makes any and all sales history an invaluable condition of customer satisfaction. With this clearly defined main goal, your warehouse will function as the fluid entity it needs to be for you to maintain your advantage over the competition.

Visit www.simmssoftware.com today or email sales@kcsi.ca to learn more about the importance of a precise sales policy, where shipping orders and item tracking come together in one easy-to-use inventory/accounting software package.


SIMMS Help With Decisions

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software composites information about your business to allow you to make decisions about your business as well as helping you to make changes for its improvement. With the advantage of customizing reports for the more useful collection of financial data on each report, where you hand-pick content that permits your departments to view the precise numbers and trends that are significant.

In addition, SIMMS helps you monitor and manage your transactions with ease and accuracy. Having integrated all types of data from every aspect of your business, SIMMS collects and compiles purchase orders, inventory, General Ledger, kitting, Receivables, sales orders, and item details into the most accurate and complete reporting content on the software market today.

Presentations about your business allow you to see the “big picture” while also helping you find and adjust the small things that can result in choices of vital importance. The dynamic and fastidious attention to detail that you gain the fastest and easiest control over your company than at any other time in its existence. Using deep analysis, transactional precision and immediate access, SIMMS 2012 represents the most comprehensive package for the twin areas of concern — accounting and inventory — in either a multi-level hierarchy or on a simple columnar view.

Visit www.simmsoftware.com today or email sales @kcsi.ca for more information on how SIMMS 2012 can benefit you and your business.



Checking Stock When It Arrives

Some standard practices are required when your receive items into your holding area, whether it is a large warehouse or a storeroom. When stock is delivered you have a set number of tasks that must completed.

As a delivery arrives, every pallet, carton and item grouping must first be positioned for review. Next, all containers must be checked off against the invoice according to store policy, taking specific note of the following:

  • Goods should also be checked for quality and use-by dates.
  • Complete cartons can be counted unopened. Mixed cartons should be opened and the contents examined.
  • Damp or damaged cartons should be opened and the contents should be checked for damaged items and breakages. If cartons have been tampered with, their contents should also be checked.
  • Confirm that number of containers is correct (count them).
  • All discrepancies must be recorded on the invoice according to your security policy.

All this should be done before the delivery docket is signed.

Do not let the delivery driver or anyone else hurry or interrupt while checking the contents and conditions of the delivered items. It is the employee’s job to thoroughly check all deliveries.

If a store receives multiple deliveries at the same time, each delivery should be checked separately and in an orderly manner. All inventory must be accurately recorded and checked against the original order documents. All missing, over-orders, shortages and damaged goods should be noted on the delivery invoice and the original order documents, and the sender is to be contacted as soon as possible to register all shipment details.

The best system to aid your stock receipt and issue process is SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management Software. To learn more about how SIMMS can suit your company’s needs, visit www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today for more information.

SIMMS 2012 — Improved Functionality

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Control Software can be leased on a flexible schedule so you can have your inventory management under control in a short period of time without a huge outlay of cash.  You can start improvements of your bottom line and cater your company’s efficiency within a week of installing SIMMS.  Not only that there are also attractive leasing options for any hardware you need to run your business profitably and smoothly.

Owing to upgrades and an ongoing schedule of improvements, SIMMS releases its best version each time a new version debuts. Recommendations and requests from clients sees SIMMS get better each version for its users, unlike all other inventory and accounting softwares that may never add a needed feature, or that makes you wait two or three years to see it become included. You don’t have that kind of time — too much can pass you by while you wait for some disinterested manufacturer to only maybe include the features you desperately need.

Roll-ins come quickly and reliably with SIMMS, the world’s most comprehensive and optimized Inventory Control Software. In addition, with SIMMS you achieve a very high return on investment.  SIMMS is inexpensive and customizable and will help you run your business in a more organized and efficient manner.

Contact KCSI today at sales@kcsi.ca or visit www.simmssoftware.com for more information.


Bump Up Your Profits with SIMMS 2012

With SIMMS 2012 Inventory Software, you can choose the start-to-finish business management applications you want from a completely inclusive and integrated suite of manufacturing, inventory and accounting modules. SIMMS provides great potenttial expansion and customization, along with customer relationship management (CRM), E-Commerce, payroll, and stock solutions in both a local or hosted (online) version.

Here are some other benefits that SIMMS offers:

  • Stock limit notification: When a sales person attempts to sell an out-of-stock item, they are prompted with a choice to backorder or to override the alert provided they have permissions to do this.  Otherwise the user can always select from a list of alternative items to offer the customer; this enables the sales person to salvage a sale that would have normally been lost due to the item being out of stock.
  • POS at your service: Boost your sales by using the SIMMS Point of Sale (POS) module.  This module gives you the cash register/till management functionality you need to out-distance the competition.
  • Drop shipping:  Easily process orders and have them drop-shipped directly to your customers.
  • Reduce double entry: High-end functionality, such as creation of sales orders and purchase orders in a single session, saves you resources and personnel.

To learn more about how SIMMS 2012 can improve your bottom line, take a look at www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

SIMMS 2012 Mobile Inventory

SIMMS 2012 Windows Mobile software is a robust bar code solution that
streamlines many aspects of your company’s business practices. We at KCSI offer you complete inventory control by virtue of automation of your most essential functions and maximizing the use of your employees’ time. With SIMMS Mobile, you can link quickly with all customer and vendor data, track your fixed assets, manage your stockroom inventory, and receive purchase orders and issue sales orders all swiftly and easily.

With SIMMS 2012 Windows Mobile you can:

1) Maintain your preferences – SIMMS 2012 permits you to select the precise hardware you want thus enabling you to choose both solution and hardware to suit your budget.

Save time through scanned entries – You can import transactions and information from the hand-held device into SIMMS both in batch mode or live mode using the wireless mode. Therefore you can reduce or eliminate expensive stock errors by using the advanced features of the Windows Mobile inventory software.

Instantly gather data – Warehouse and shipping/receiving staff can record bar-coded items with a bar code scanner connected to a lightweight, completely portable hand-held computer (HHC) that uses Windows Mobile. Information can be confirmed and gathered and verified quickly and easily. Stock qualities and quantities, lot and serial numbers and item numbers of goods both invoiced or received are literally at your fingertips.

Get on your feet with SIMMS 2012 Windows Mobile Inventory software and process all the interactions for your warehouse, from invoices to receipts of goods, item addition and editing, to physical count adjustments on a hand-held Windows Mobile device.

Contact KCSI today at www.simmssoftware.com or email us at sales@kcsi.ca for more information.

SIMMS and E-Commerce

SIMMS 2012’s  E-Commerce features include:

1) Unlimited products

2) Administration of store management through a web-based Control Panel

3) Shopping cart

4) Inventory control & customer management

5) Comprehensive website editing and management w/ unlimited pages

Within your site, you have numerous features for categorization of your items, including:

1) Products can belongs to more than one department or category

2) Sub-departments and sub-categories (as needed)

3) Paged browsing features for speed and ease of use

4) Complete control of which items are on sale or on special

5) Wholesale option, allowing prices to show or not

6) Payment systems such as PayPal are completely compatible

7) Shipping details like weight, order total, percentile rates, fixed rates, and real time directories are all applicable to suit your needs.

If you sell online, KCSI’s SIMMS E-Commerce Solution is for you. Lower your costs and increase efficiency and profits through your online marketplace.

Contact KCSI for more information by visiting www.simmssoftware.com or by emailing sales@kcsi.ca today for the e-commerce solution you need.

ERP Software Customization

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications amalgamate external and internal management data for a company’s entire company, including CRM, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, service and sales.

Software for ERP becomes a comprehensive and integrated source of informati0n linking all business functions that exist within an organization and optimize its connections with the  outside world.

While established with formalities permanently in place because of the business’ specific concerns, customization has its pluses and minuses. The customization of your ERP platform brings disadvantages as the de-standardization of the overall effect of the ERP, the interruption of the steady information flow currently in existence and the tedium and expense of time and resources dedicated to the changes. Conversely, advantages include improvement of user acceptance and the potential for increasing a competitive advantage over competitors. One point is of paramount importance: customization places your staff and management directly in the center of the system.

Several principles apply when any company attempts the customization or advocacy of ERP:

1) Windows (screens) that are simple and instantly useful

2) Every task can be completed within a single window

3) Specific concerns and needs have their parallel functions in the software

4) All information in must be information out — even note fields must be able to be reported upon

5) Customizable features must include the reports, windows (screens), the data model and the workflow — all are fundamental and necessary

6) Workflow must match existing processes

Customization of your ERP system must achieve the ultimate goal of any software: it must work for you, not the other way around.

The Bullwhip Effect on Inventory

Based upon a question I received recently, I’ll spotlight an inventory concern referred to as the Bullwhip Effect.

A customer wants 10 widgets. The retailer, in turn, orders 12 from his vendor (the extra two are to ensure that the retailer does not suffer a stock-out on the item). The vendor, in turn, can save money if he orders a bulk of 20 widgets from his distributor. The distributor looks for his best deal (naturally) from the manufacturer and learns that an order of 30 will cost him the least per unit, so he orders the 30.

In this example, the actual demand from a retail customer has only been eight, but the item’s manufacturer has spent enough funds to produce 30. Now the manufacturer has a surplus of 22 units beyond his demand rate. The distributor has a surplus of 12 over his demand rate. The retailer has a surplus of 2 over his demand rate. All have now spent an excess of capital over their demand rate, which each of them must try to recoup as soon as possible.

While having more on hand is less daunting for the upward links in the supply chain, it falls to the retailer to ultimately sell 22 items that so far no customer has ordered. Marketing and advertising (to increase the number of customers) and price drops (at the retail level only) produce a bullwhip effect back on the retailer, whose onus it is to sell the surpluses. So while it is not bad for vendors or distributors or manufacturers to have too much stock (because they all are likely to have numerous retailers to reduce the stock) the detriment is at the retail level because although in the above example he physically has only two units to sell at his shop, he’ll wind up with everyone above him beleaguering him to promote the items beyond his current level of expenditures.

The result of the Bullwhip Effect is exaggerated variances in the estimation of product demand, meaning that forecasting at the top end of the supply chain will be far from accurate. The Bullwhip is a common challenge for supply chain management, and appreciating its causes will lead to your business to implement a strategy to lessen its negative effects.