Letting SIMMS 2012 Help Your Business

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software provides you with an endless supply of important analytical data to apply towards policy changes and improvements in your business. A wide selection of reports, fully customizable, and program screens that make your life easier are only two of the advantages you gain. Adjusting prices, changing manufacturers or vendors, deciding on package sales of select stock items — all should be easy steps, and with SIMMS, they are easy. Accounting standards, or personalized adjustments, may be desired at any moment. A few mouse licks later in SIMMS, your changes have been applied.

Tracking of holding costs, item turnover, expiration horizons for stock, best sellers, depreciation rates, most common pieces for repair, assembly overhead, manufacturer lot history — all these details need to be coordinated and kept up-to-date. Warehousemen, department heads, managers, bookkeepers and sales staff all need complete and comprehensive data to optimize the chances the company will be putting its best commercial foot forward.

In software other than SIMMS, information is compiled from a database, selecting data and wringing them through old world formulas. SIMMS 2012, however, uses its built-in customizable reports to pull exactly the information you are requesting. Your best habit of thinking differently can provide you the best data, and only you truly know your industry and your business; therefore, your software should be awaiting your needs. SIMMS does.

Learn more about SIMMS at www.simmssoftware.com or email sales@kcsi.ca today.