Item Information in SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software lets you pull data from a large variety of reports that contain analytical data to provide information needed to promote the best practices so that you can make the best-informed decisions. Whether you’re adjusting inventory details such as costs, prices, warranties, distribution or manufacturer’s lots, serial numbers, depreciation rates, bar code data, item history or RMA and RTV tendencies, you need complete and instant control.

Current and accurate information remains available because within SIMMS, the master database is compiled and retained, as is, until it is edited. With additional tools, such as customized reports, every department or individual gets the data they need to help them answer the important questions that they need, and thereafter provide the particulars that the company’s owners and managers want.

Results of all stock transactions and coordination create the patterns that what the company is, as well as what the company holds as most important. The old adage that too much information is a bad thing is nonsense — all possible data makes every desired result possible, not the opposite. Maximizing profits and minimizing costs is the name of the game in any commercial enterprise, and once you see the comprehensive tools for accounting and stock mastery within SIMMS, your decisions and planning can take its first steps with the most sure footing it has ever had.

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