Improving Your Inventory Management


There are numerous tricks and ideas that can help you make enormous improvement to your inventory management process. SIMMS 2013 Inventory Management software lets you make these adjustments owing to its comprehensive integrated modules, all of which you can employ with speed and ease.

For instance, items that most commonly are used in orders should be stored at eye-level; this way, both new and experienced staff take fewer and quicker steps to the items they handle the most. The assembly of orders can all be streamlined using this method, and the grouping of item locations helps both new and experienced warehouse personnel to facilitate the tasks they have been assigned. From the single tweak mentioned above, the process gains accuracy and speed, and the shipping department can process more orders per day.

As the items in an order are being collected, someone from shipping can be assembling the paperwork as they ‘ride along’ with the order, so that when the completed order arrives at shipping, the accuracy check has already been performed, the paperwork is done, and the ‘ride along’ person takes a hands-on role in the packaging and loading of the shipment. One set of initials mark the papers completed during every step and the order has been managed properly and completely, leaving it finally up to the shipping department to see that it reaches the customer. Precision at every step of the process, and such an improvement can be implemented easily when using SIMMS.

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