Credit Limits in SIMMS 2013


With SIMMS 2013, you can apply a credit limit to a customer. If a customer’s invoice total is greater than their credit limit, the customer must pay the difference or you must override the credit limit for the transaction.

Enter a Customer’s Credit Limit
1.   In the Customer Manager, click the Advanced tab.
2.   Under Credit Limit, choose one of the following options:
a) Unlimited
b) Maximum
3.   If you chose Maximum, in the adjacent box, type the maximum dollar amount of credit for the customer.

Override a Customer’s Credit Limit
You can override a customer’s credit limit for a transaction. To do this you must be assigned the job role of Sales Manager. Only sales managers can override a customer’s credit limit. Job roles are assigned in the User Manager.

You may need to enter your username and password to override a customer’s credit limit. This is only required if you are not the user logged into SIMMS.