Inventory Visibility


Inventory applications that allow enterprises to monitor and manage events across the supply chain to plan their activities more effectively and preempt problems have a high degree of inventory visibility. Supply Chain Inventory Visibility systems enable enterprises not only to track and trace inventory globally on a line-item level, but also submit plans and receive alerts when events deviate from expectations. This visibility into orders and shipments on a real-time basis gives enterprises reliable advance knowledge of when goods will arrive.

Reducing costs or increasing customer loyalty

The example of VMI clearly shows the win-win situation by its use from the supplier’s point of view through:

  • The increased productivity via improved, in-house disposition and production scheduling
  • The improved turnover as the exclusive supplier for your customers
  • The safeguarding the business relationship with improved customer loyalty

Your customers also profit from this through:

  • Avoiding supply bottlenecks by employing automated stock control
  • Cost reduction by reducing tied-up, available inventories
  • Outsourcing the secondary processes to improve focus on core processes