SIMMS and Increased Productivity


In case studies of the positive effects of implementing SIMMS Inventory Management software, one particular area can be found to make the most difference — accuracy. The increase of precision in both processes and information produce nothing but improvement provided you have both instant access to the data and the quick ability to assess any changes.

The case studies have determined a wide variety of particulars. Direct reasons for the efficient improvements at the various stages include:

– accurate tracking of items even after their issuance or transferral

– barcode scanners issued for use on all forklifts

– barcoding of all pallets received into the warehouse

– checks and confirmations of stock at least once per week

– decrease in the amount of time by fifty percent to complete each
stock count due to barcoding of items

– decrease in the number of personnel by fifty percent needed for the
stock-count sessions due to barcoding of items

– implementation and usage by all inventory stations

– increase in the frequency of warehouse-wide stock counts

– paper handling in all departments has been significantly eliminated

– personnel in the Receiving department have been reduced by 25%

– personnel in the Purchasing department have been reduced

– precise knowledge of stock on hand in all used locations

– reassignment of forklift personnel to other tasks

– reduction of number of forklifts being used

– serialization of all raw materials in all locations

– stock counts of raw materials were reduced by more than 25%

– stock counts of work-in-process (WIP) item were reduced by more
than 25 percent

– the data from all departments is entered accurately and as soon as

– use of the software by ALL departments

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