SIMMS2Go Testimonial


“I have been a SIMMS customer for years and It’s been over a year now since implementing SIMMS2Go and we are getting great traction on our customer base with the customized Consignment Manager feature of SIMMS2Go that we had you develop for us. This unique software has allowed our company a value add proposition that our competitors cannot.

The value of the SIMMS & SIMMS2Go program, when compared to much larger systems, is fully exploited because it is nimble when dealing with small to medium sized business.

Your software response team has been expedient, and reactive to our detailed requests, especially when under timeline constraints.

The customization we requested was not only completed efficiently with careful detail to our every need; but, it works better then we could have ever imagined.”

— John, Servsix US Corp

Getting The Right Inventory Manager


A wide variety of training is available these days for those who wish to specialize in inventory management practices. The concepts that may seem very mathematical at first all support the ideas of supply-and-demand as well as incorporating the concept of the warehouse or storeroom as an evolving entity.

As for managers or owners selecting an employee to take on the task, it should be mentioned that qualified individuals can be hired with their training already in place, who come in and establish all the best practices after their analysis of the conditions that exist. No matter the source of your “Stock Master”, never just choose the person who is willing to do it. If you choose the option to promote from within, give the inventory tasks to several within your organization and you’ll soon discover which person has the natural talent. The ones with ideas for improvement and the ability to both voice and implement the ideas are a valued asset to your company. Don’t waste people where they will not excel — put the best people into every department if you truly wish to succeed. Once in place, your Stock Master must be introduced to your staff as that department head, and must be given an important place on an identical level with the others.

Companies that compete in the modern marketplace cannot have any aspects of their inventory management be considered — or actually be — vague or imprecise. The task of stock coordination must fall to someone who is prepared to do it and make sure that others observe the established in-house rules for its management. Most of inventory planning is merely the application of common sense and accurate arithmetic, and these responsibilities must be assigned to a specific individual who will take the duties seriously. Whomever the person is, they can literally be the savior of your bottom line.

For the best inventory management, SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software will serve perfectly as the tool the master needs.

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