SIMMS version 2016: Better Than Ever

Today’s competitive business world requires that every aspect of the business is up and running and not suffering from down-time. With SIMMS 2016 Inventory Management system, you’re almost instantly online, so that service and billing can begin. Unlike systems that are cobbled together from sparse and unrelated pieces, SIMMS 2016 has already assembled multiple technologies and work management systems to coordinate its installation, meaning that not only is each user up-and-running correctly, but also that their billing system is equally current.

Development, growth, insight, energy and innovation will always create a path that leads to where everyone will travel. With an eye on a constantly-changing horizon, you will always be adding improvements to any system you already have. Out-of-the-box solution from problems of today limits you to just those challenges and rarely present opportunities to add in solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. But with software that grows with you and your business – an evolution both fluid and practical – you stand a better chance of retaining your advantage and providing novel and feature-rich paths for your future.

Taking time to haggle with your technology and management departments over needed features when you have a wait-til-next-version open in front of you is limiting and debilitating when the needs are current and pressing. Few of us have enough patience for this, and we should not have to wait very long. Your relationship with your software contacts can make open customization the rule rather than the exception. Their product will be better as soon as possible, and your business will not have some impediment hold your company back.

Give SIMMS a try today in a free trial to find out more about the features SIMMS already has and to realize how it will function in its updated version. Benefits for your business are right around the corner for you with SIMMS 2016 because of its accuracy, ease-of-use and constant evolution.

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SIMMS 2016 and Your Business Needs

SIMMS 2016 is a superior inventory software solution with advanced features like lot control, kitting, serial number tracking and inventory management. Your ideal stock software solution needs to be reliable, easy-to-use and feature-rich. KCSI Business Solutions provide all these advantages for you on your path to market leadership.

Feature included are:

• Kitting
• Landed costing Automation
• Lot handling
• Multiple warehouse handling
• Non-conformity handling
• Serial number handling
• SKU Configurator/Automation
• Unique Vendor Costing
Regardless of your business needs, KCSI provides integrated business solutions to help optimize efficiency and return on investment (ROI). KCSI products and services make it easier to do business with your many customers and vendors.

KCSI Business Solutions applications address the following business needs and much more:

Business Solutions for Analytic Requirements

SIMMS 2016 Inventory Management software provides a wide range of robust and customizable reporting options — from simple reporting needs to advanced analysis. You can easily transform vast deposits of data into valuable information that is immediately accessible to the decision-makers in your company.

Business Solutions for Distribution Requirements

With SIMMS 2016, you have an integrated business management and distribution system that provides for your diverse business needs, including fiscal management, manufacturing, exacting stock management and supply chain management.

Business Solutions for Your Expiration Date Tracking Requirements

SIMMS 2016’s Expiration Date Tracking features tracks unlimited amounts of item expiration dates from the time of their receipt into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is a permanent record that allows inventory employees access to the entire historical canon for each item. Expiration Date Tracking is essential in the flow of inventory items of perishables (such as food or life-saving medication) that can expire.

Business Solutions for Your Financial Management Requirements

Regardless of your company’s size or marketplace, SIMMS 2106’s Inventory Management software provides flawless business, financial, and information management needs, establishing the sound foundation for the rest of your business-critical activities or plans.

Business Solutions for Your Inventory Management Requirements

SIMMS 2016 Inventory Management software supplies the control of data pertaining to the receipt of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale or removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any given point in time.

Business Solutions for Your Manufacturing Requirements

You can master every detail of your manufacturing process with SIMMS, including planning of resources that lead to successful and smooth production cycles. You can respond instantly to evolving needs of your customers and concurrently maintain your competitive advantage.

Business Solutions for MRO Warranty and RMA/RTV Requirements

In maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) facilities, the features within SIMMS reduce response times on unplanned repairs while having minimal effects on your delivery and production quotas.

Equipment and facility maintenance provides your business with improved management capabilities including:

  • Billing and Labor.
  • Inventory
  • Preventative Maintenance tasks
  • Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA)
  • Returns to Vendors (RTV)
  • Service Orders
  • Warranty and maintenance contracts

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KCSI’s Solution to Your Business Needs

Business Solutions for Your Remote Data Collecting Requirements

KCSI offers its customers total solutions by combining appropriate hardware and software for your functional needs. With SIMMS Mobile, our Windows Mobile 5-based software, you can maximize essential functions of your organization while you minimize the amount of time your employees needs to spend using it. Thus, they can quickly access customer and vendor data, track all of your fixed assets and stockroom inventory, make physical count adjustments, receive purchase orders and issue sales orders. All these can be done remotely and easily.

Business Solutions for Your Retail Management Requirements

From point-of-sale to delivery of goods, you increase customer flow and maximize revenue. KCSI Business Solutions allow you to speed up lines and tasks, as well as controlling inventory and streamlining purchases by using integrated and scalable technology.

Business Solutions for Your CRM Requirements

KCSI has set the standard for customer relationship management (CRM) with the customer-driven success of CRMUnleashed, which delivers more than just the standard sales force automation. We listen to users like you and then translate your ideas into the kind of east-to-use, indispensable customer support and CRM software solution you have needed all along.

Master Your Niche…and Stick With It

An old quote says, “I don’t know a lot about everything, but I do know a lot about the everything I know.” This concept can demand a lot of your time and resources.

But your company doesn’t need to offer a whole gamut of services. Merely identify the things you’re brilliant at and promote them.

SIMMS 2016 Inventory and Accounting software can run circles around its competitors, grows constantly because of requests and innovations demanded by users just like you, and leads the pack in making your business run swiftly and smoothly. SIMMS is hard on your competitors and easy on your pocketbook.

Give SIMMS 2016 a try today!

Keep Your Team in the Loop

Instead of simply issuing orders and creating tasks, take extra time to explain the reasoning behind major decisions.

Help each of your team members understand the big picture of what your business is trying to do, and make clear how their work influences the entire process. The improved collaboration helps make your team members feel more valuable and will draw upon their inherent profession spirit to compete toward a bright and brave tomorrow.

KCSI and Its Resellers


Advantage of Choice
Each SIMMS reseller gets to choose how to deploy and license the solution as well as how to utilize the information.

Dedicated Partnership Team
Over 75% of SIMMS resellers will notice a dynamic improvement in their business operations as relationships with KCSI and your customers expand.

Improvement of Industry Value
Huge potential exists for ambitious partners who take advantage of high industry value in large and growing market segments.

SIMMS Benefits Resellers Immediately
SIMMS produces customer growth without new products or implementations

Reselling Positions You For Victory
Powerful, flexible business management tools for mid-sized and larger companies looking to grow a competitive business.

Growth Becomes a Continuous Process
SIMMS expands and improves with every version to provide more customer satisfaction.

Return on Investment
Resellers benefit from fair payment for their development of the sales and customers built with KCSI.

Rich Marketing Resources
Co-op marketing programs, preferred vendors and reliable content can be streamlined to empower your marketing campaigns.

The Global Business Advantage
Out-of-the-box support for diverse business requirements,including multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction and multi-entity.

Diverse Industry Applications
KCSI’s SIMMS Inventory Management software supports the growth of chemical, beverage/food, distribution companies (both retail and wholesale), life sciences and manufacturing around the world.

KCSI has been in business for over 17 years with a partner-friendly reputation. We offer competitive margins and support partners with training and tools for marketing, sales and consulting. Contact us at

Implementation, pre-sales and support is developed to help resellers succeed and build reference accounts quickly.

SIMMS 2016


If you have any questions for KCSI’s range of software and services please do not hesitate to contact us. Call or e-mail today to find out more about SIMMS 2016 Inventory Management Software or KCSI.
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