Gain Referrals Due Only to Your Great Service

One of the ways KCSI has built its business has been to deliver outstanding customer service. At KCSI, we have maintained a two hour call return policy. A great deal of the people who call us never expect a response, figuring that there’s nobody here behind the website to help them. When someone answers the phone, people frequently say, “I can’t believe you answered the phone. I never expected to get a real person!”

The truth is that the only people who ever find out about our two hour call return policy are those who call us after business hours. In terms of email, wait time might be about the same, but most often is less. Backlogs of emails from the night before require some nimble responses, but you will hear back from us as quickly as humanly possible. After all, your response time to your customers represent your company’s reputation, and can have powerful and dramatic repercussions.

For instance, let’s say a possible client is choosing custom software and your company is neck-and-neck in terms of qualifications. 83% of the time, the would-be client will leave a message with both companies, and then wait – and they’ll ultimately choose the company that got back to them first. They have a right to expect that top level of service. And as the powerful result of that service quality, YOU have the right to expect that they will mention your software – and its customer service quality — to others.

So imagine, you get free referrals based only on a high quality service that you ALREADY provide. You can’t get much more for your support dollar than that, a support dollar you already have marked in your budget.

For more information on optimizing the many dimensions of your customer service, check out John Jantsch’s wonderful book “The Referral Flood”. For more information on receiving the best customized software, visit KCSI at

Testing the Waters of New Software

One of the things we all should consider is when someone is about to invest in a new software package, does the company that makes it and sells it actually USE it themselves? Every amendment, improvement and new feature added to SIMMS 2016 has been designed and tested by the very people who wanted it to exist. Such reliable navigation is to be expected because accurately tracking your time down to the minute, managing your stock and processing your payments – both incoming and outgoing – were initially crucial activities to our company and, thus, became a part of SIMMS 2016 so that they can remain reliable for you.

Here it is twenty years after we began and the waters are still just fine. And what’s more important, both our company and our clients are still here. It’s what we hoped for, of course, but mostly it’s what we planned for: our company and our clients’ companies all still afloat, bigger and better than ever.

It’s amazing what sound tools and dedicated work can achieve.

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SIMMS 2016 and Your Business

SIMMS 2016 offers a seemingly unlimited number of tools for any medium-sized business to handle all of its inventory and accounting needs. In almost two decades of development, SIMMS has grown with its users’ needs to handle the modern demands of allotment of stock, repairs of RMAs, kitting (both actual and virtual), inventory counts, replenishment, work orders, job fulfillment and many other needs, common to modern businesses.

From its humble beginnings, SIMMS 2016 has become the most comprehensive stock and commerce management tools available on the market today. Whether OOTB or in its easily-customized version, SIMMS 2016 handles all challenges with ease, speed and precision.

SIMMS’ instantly recognized simplicity and versatility can be yours today through one of the fastest returns on investment ever available.

Join the thousands who rely on SIMMS for their accounting and inventory needs by giving its free trial a go today.

Grow with KCSI Custom Programming

Our oldest clients remind us that growth has been linked to the custom programming that we have done for them. Many years have led to many improvements neither of us could have foreseen all those years ago. Our lasting relationships with our clients are our most prized possessions. As our custom work grows work grows with them all, we look forward to building similar relationships with our newest clients forward into the future.

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SIMMS 2016’s Order Fulfillment

If your business processes ten or more sales orders per day you should take advantage of SIMMS 2016’s Order Fulfillment simplifies Order Fulfillment for bulk ordering and gives you more time to generate sales and saves you time shuffling paperwork. If you encounter shortages you generate a purchase order for the shortages from that window, using a single mouse click to produce purchase orders for all shortages related to several orders at the same time. In a single and simple following step, you can transfer stock from the locations holding the items to the locations you need them in order to fill the order.

Using Order Fulfillment you can:

  • Generate purchase orders for item shortages related to many orders at one time
  • Process invoices for many sales orders at once filling them in the process
  • Process picking sheets for several orders in a single session
  • Transfer stock items between locations for mass orders, filling them from all available locations, all at once
  • View the current sales demands in one simple, customizable grid
  • View the customers, item descriptions, order numbers, proposed ship dates, quantities on purchase orders and quantities ordered, and many more details

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CRMUnleashed 2016

The modernization of how communications occur between departments and individuals within your business as well as processing the multitude of customer information and communications can be daunting tasks. Often accuracy and timeliness become the victims in this inflow/outflow of services and support. CRM Unleashed is a software solution available for help desk service, information management and communications mastery. Either installed locally within a company’s network or hosted remotely, CRM Unleashed permits all users to work with the same information all at the same time in the same place, whether the user logs in from the mail department down the hall or from a salesman’s hotel room across the world. Contact CRM Unleashed today to realize the precision and ease that makes CRM Unleashed the premier communications solution available today for businesses both large and small.