Your Next Best Choice: SIMMS 2016

SIMMS 2016 Inventory Control software is designed by a company, KCSI, probably much like yours. KCSI has introduced customized applications for its own use and has a strong foundation from which to understand your specific business.

SIMMS 2016 has answers to all your current challenges for both your inventory and financial needs, and is readily customizable to help you expand both your company’s size and its diversification. And never before now has SIMMS 2016 been more affordable or more versatile in the way you can use it — either in-house, online or portable, SIMMS 2016 answers your many questions with the newest in technological solutions and most reliable practices of sound financial standing. Payments can be outright or by installments, all the while giving you direct input into the directions that SIMMS takes next, with features that you need.

Organization and ideal features in your software will help prepare you for what happens next, and your ROI (return on investment) has never been more readily apparent than with SIMMS 2016, the top choice in accounting and inventory management software.

To be flexible in today’s marketplace requires that you keep nimble and quick on your feet when trying to match and then outdistance your competition. For this to take place, a unique relationship must be established between you and the company designing your particular needs and answering your particular challenges. Being competitive is something that KCSI understands, and is a commitment that we’re happy to make to help you meet — and beat — your challenges now and in the future.

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The Modern Approach to Software Design

Almost half of employees feel comfortable making their own technology choices for use on the job. They appreciate the prospect of getting their work done whenever and wherever they want through devices and applications of their own choosing. This development is a big change for companies that, in such a small period of time, have realized the amount of influence that employees have regarding the use of devices and applications to meet business goals.

Software designers are taking a broader look before they commence their plans on any new project. The creators must always take the most modern devices under consideration. Needed today is a way to increase speed, and to move IT toward greater efficiency in its new role as a service delivery function. This requires a set of capabilities focused on areas that are generally not part of traditional IT governance.

To learn what kind of tools and processes you need in your potential custom software, contact KCSI today at

Hotkeys to Help Your Speed

Just like in SIMMS 2016 has hotkeys built-in to help your speed improve, Windows has some lesser-known ones that are actually very useful. Here they are:


Press Windows + D will minimize all your windows and bring you to your desktop.  Performing the same action again, will restore your previous configuration.

Windows Button + Shift + M = Maximize all windows.
Alt + Spacebar + X = Maximizes your current window.
Alt + Spacebar + R = Restores your window to its previous form.

Windows Button + E: Opens Window’s Explorer.  This is a quick way to access system files.
Windows Button + Pause/Break = Opens your System Properties.
Windows Button + R = Opens Window’s Run command.
Windows Button + L = Lock your system.

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Design Concerns

Mike McDerment writes:

“Inevitably when you are designing a web app or a website you will think of a scenario where a user can – in small way – abuse your site or game your system. It might be a really small thing like not entering a valid email address then they sign up. To prevent this you may force them to validate their email address before they can access their account. In theory you convince yourself that you are acting in your own best interest. The truth is you are not.

Trust your users and don’t worry about the small percentage of abusers – they won’t act ethically no matter what you do, so don’t invest your time trying to change them. The fact is very few people will abuse your sign up form, and invariably it takes more time to develop a form so that people can’t “trick” you. Also, designing and developing with a paranoid state of mind almost always adds a barrier to entry (i.e. “I have to check my email to get started? What a pain…forget it.”) that will get in the way of ethical users who want to use your service. These barriers will slow adoption and cost you in the long run.”

Some clever observations from a fellow tuned to the needs of design.

KCSI’s Development of Business Features

Often your customers have a name or number for items that they require for them to do what they do. Equally, your own vendors have an in-house reference for stock pieces that they sell to you. In both cases, these names and references are often different than the ones you use.

KCSI has continued to develop SIMMS 2016 administration by allowing you to assign aliases — in unlimited amounts — to the items you stock and designate these aliases to specific vendors and/or customers. Therefore, when your order arrives at a vendor, they see not only your names and numbers, but they also can see their own, which leads to greater accuracy from their shipping department.

Likewise, your shipments to your customers arrive with invoices and packing slips bearing item references instantly familiar to their receiving departments.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about the use of aliases to contribute to greater accuracy and satisfaction at all steps of your business and — further — how KCSI’s customized programming can help you with your business today, just like it did for SIMMS 2016 users!

Barcoding with SIMMS 2016

In today’s world of quick commerce and cashless systems, item barcodes are encountered every day, whether established in-house for inventory tracking or used as an adjunct to point-of-sale equipment as Universal Product Codes (UPCs). Thick bars and thin, long and short, or two dimensional barcodes (2D) occur almost everywhere today in the business world.

Barcoding use in inventory tracking was pioneered by KCSI, and the Barcoding Module of SIMMS 2016 has been copied by many software companies out there, but the original remains the best.

Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS years ago took the lead in stock barcoding.

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