Top Analysis with SIMMS 2016

Comparisons are made all the time — averages versus highs and lows, bulk sales versus top list sales, last quarter versus this quarter .

SIMMS 2016 Inventory Management software includes dozens of analytical reports keep your most significant figures at your fingertips. Whether it is trends in purchasing or sales, top-selling items or inventory turnover rates, SIMMS 2016 can show the numbers you need most, both for current day or over a selected time period.

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Supply Chain Management

A good Supply Chain Management solution provides a comprehensive series of features to support end-to-end processes including sound inventory management to guarantee the optimum stock levels of components for production, provide finished goods for customers in a timely manner, and coordinate spare parts for field service technicians, all while eliminating every unnecessary storage cost.

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Ten Quick Superiorities of SIMMS 2016

SIMMS 2016 gives you the ease and control to:

  • Achieve 99.7% inventory accuracywith leading-edge auto ID/barcode technologies to track inventory and ensure disciplined inventory rotation, including expiration date, lot control and serial number tracking.
  • Audit Trail Capabilities, with SIMMS 2016 not only do you have the historical data available at your fingertips to tell you how an item got where it is but you can run an audit on a specific widget for its entire live cycle down to the Original Serial Number, a User Serial Number, expiration date or manufacturer lot.
  • Control your prices and costs– Easily define unique Vendor Costs and part numbers per vendor/item, and configure up to 12 price levels for each item or use percentile discounts per quantity purchased levels.
  • Customize your transaction menus– Customize your transaction menus per computer enabling you to define what options you wish to be available over and above security settings.
  • Easy Barcoding– Print barcode labels for your items, customers or locations with easy through SIMMS 2016.
  • Easy Item Transfers– You can transfer individual widgets with specific serial number, user serial number, expiration date or manufacturer lots or a bunch of items from one location to another with ease.
  • Eliminate costly, labor-intensive inventory discrepanciesbetween multiple inventory databases and batch-oriented systems
  • Enhanced Reportingreports can be generated to provide the information you desire including accurate inventory cost reports, stock status reports, sales analysis, purchasing analysis and more, the reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or text format in order to empower you with the capabilities to share your reports with your customers with ease.
  • Free yourself from your desk– With the SIMMS Mobile program you can process Invoices, sales orders, receipts of goods, item transfers and physical counts on a remote Windows Mobile compatible device in batch or live wireless mode. You also have the freedom to print your sales orders via Bluetooth or IP printer right from the wireless windows mobile device.
  • Maximize use of warehouse spaceand define item default locations and automatic reorder points.
  • Optimize pick labor efficiency and accuracyand improve customer order fulfillment rates with advanced picking techniques for pick and pass and batch picking activities all with scan confirmation.
  • Physical Count Adjustments– The Physical Counts interface is likely the easiest to use in the industry and makes all the behind-the-scenes accounting entries necessary to update assigned inventory accounts and maintain your inventory costing method whether it’s FIFO, LIFO or Average Cost.
  • Satisfy customer demandfor integrated value-added services such as kitting, phantom kitting, bills and work orders, compliance labeling and Customized EDI, through the SIMMS 2016’s integrated approach to distribution.
  • Simple Inventory Adjustments– You can easily change stock counts for specific items in specific locations adjusting serial numbers and manufacturer lots as needed without the need to do physical counts for entire locations.
  • SKU Management– You can configure complex automated SKU Generation, empowering SIMMS 2016 with the functionality to automatically assign your items SKU codes based on whatever formula you configure in the SKU Manager.
  • Track your stock items and non stock items– You can track your inventory items with ease and you can also define miscellaneous items and charges in the system like labor, travel time, etc.

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Custom Software in The Cloud

The “Software as a Service” (SaaS) delivery model, known as cloud development, allows users to conduct their business and enjoy a smooth commercial process while software developers make continual improvements without the hassle of version upgrades and distribution. The SaaS is a model that simply makes sense for companies that don’t want the distraction and personnel drain of managing software.

KCSI has assisted vendors with SaaS development for many years after having worked on several other pioneering ASP (Application Service Provider) products.

Successful SaaS development requires you to work with a services provider experienced in both the underlying development technologies as well as the singular challenges of the SaaS model.

KCSI has all the expertise you will ever need to have your custom software designed exactly to your standards and function to answer your needs.

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Sales in the Modern World

Communications now are practically instantaneous and clients could receive goods and online support within minutes. SIMMS 2016 works in combination with whatever other present day resources that its users might employ. Accounting systems, online sales, third-party inventory storage and task-specific personnel are the standard conditions found almost everywhere now.

Not only did nobody know in the commercial world of the early 21st century that internet businesses would exist but also nobody could anticipate what level of prosperity would exist. And when one thinks that an item sold may rest on a shelf two continents away, the location and stock counts of such items are of utmost importance indeed. SIMMS 2016 can manage all such requirements, and more.

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Item Depreciation with SIMMS 2016

Rotation of stock and knowledge of which items bring the greatest returns is only accurate after you have calculated the items’ depreciation. This detail of asset management is fully integrated into SIMMS 2016 to suit your requirements while eliminating redundant data entry. Information available through this module enables you to forecast next year’s depreciation expenses by employing the Accounting Modules, allowing the allocation of the depreciation for groups of assets – or individual assets — to more than one source of funding and allowing automatic journal entries to be created.

On a per-month basis depreciation is applied from its first day in the warehouse and can be reported on monthly, quarterly or annually. Customized or standard depreciation methods can be employed, and the module complies with both GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) 34 and 35 requirements, as well as allowing the protection of depreciation information amongst the users of the program.

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