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The New York Times listed the results of some recent research by Strategy + Business, which suggested that “marketing” has been rethought, and has been recast as innovation:

Paul Brown’s Falling Short Of Greatness reads, in part, as follows:

“The consultants note, however, that there is hope that the situation will improve.

Last year, Coca-Cola said it was eliminating the job of chief marketing officer and would be combining marketing, innovation and strategic growth into a single job.

The consultants wrote, ‘Coke followed Pepsi, Intel, I.B.M., Samsung and other pioneers in explicitly linking the marketing function and the growth imperative.’ ”

In all modern businesses, innovation has begin to transcend marketing, and will in several ways include development of both the business and corporate product development, and strategic approaches that result from both. In larger firms, this may stretch to ideas and research, and may ultimately be viewed as a logical step in the growth of the contributions of all members of the employee base, wherein input from everyone has begun to be a standard operating procedure.

At KCSI, all teams members have input to making each new project — as well as existing ones — better and more practicable in every way. For your custom software needs, contact KCSI for the most up-to-date and ahead-of-the-curve innovators available to you in the world.

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Still Using Excel and Word for Your Commerce? Try SIMMS 2016

When conducting your business, MS Excel and MS Word make these necessary processes difficult:

  • Accepting payments
  • Automating recurring invoices and credit card charges
  • Formatting invoices
  • Generating reports
  • Getting a snapshot of who owes you what
  • Searching for invoices
  • Sending invoices
  • Updating your records when payments come in

Obviously, you need a solution that masters all of the above, takes the sting out of billing and, ultimately, saves you time. SIMMS 2016 is precisely what you need.

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KCSI’s Three Main Aims

KCSI has always had the three most important things in mind for your custom software needs.

First, does it fit your budget?
Next, does it fit your time frame?
And last, does it meet the goals you required for it?

To find out if KCSI suits your needs for custom software, contact us today with your specifications and let us help bring your software dreams to life.


The Growth of SIMMS 2016

SIMMS 2016 is an amalgam of all the features that our clients have requested over the decade it has been in existence. Starting as a modest application for warehouse managers, it has evolved into a versatile suite of features to help you answer your business needs, including your accounting needs on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

No matter the size of your company, its industry, as straight sales or manufacturing to order, SIMMS 2016 has all the tools you need to handle stock, customers, vendors, manufacturing, storage, and multiple costs and prices, it’s built for users on the go. It’s made for people just like you.

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Software Design by KCSI

The design of interfaces is another element which adds to the stability, portability and maintainability of your software. The following things have to be observed:

  • Describe your interfaces clearly. Already in the architecture the kind of information, the data width, resolution and sign has to be defined. This is especially important if components are developed by different vendors.
  • Make your interfaces as narrow as possible. Therefore use simple basic data types rather than complicated proprietary structures at the interfaces. It is sometimes amazing how simple interfaces can be if the functionality is distributed in a sensible way in appropriate components.
  • Only use function calls as interfaces and refrain from using memory pools or any other globally shared elements as interface.
  • Preferably make your interfaces uni-directional. This means that input components provide interfaces used by the processing components and layers. Avoid bidirectional interaction between the same components.

KCSI factors in the above four concerns into every design we make.

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SIMMS 2016: The Solution for Industrialists

Tracking the use and need of components, parts and tools is a crucial demand for industrial and manufacturing companies. From order and shipping management solutions to serialized inventory and lot control, it is critical to have a scalable solution in every manufacturing and industrial operation. The usability of RFID tags and barcodes in the field via mobile devices is just one way that SIMMS 2016 makes capturing, analyzing, recording and reporting data with greater ease, speed and accuracy.

Inventory management can be a complex task, so simplify it. Give SIMMS 2016 a free trial here: