Prove Your Product’s Value

When it comes to convincing a reluctant customer to make a purchase, flowery, glowing praise for your product or service is only going to get you so far. To really get the customer on your side, show your customer how the thing you’re selling will make their life better. Whether it will save them money and time, give them peace of mind, or simply make them feel good, make sure your customer understands exactly how the item you’re selling benefits him in real, practical terms.

This is a common sales tactic. For instance, car dealers let customers go on test drives and guitar salesmen let customers play on their instruments – even department stores let customers try clothes on before they buy them. If the thing you’re selling is intangible or something you can’t let customers touch before buying, think of another way to show customers its value. For instance, if you’re selling solar panels, you might help customers estimate the savings they’ll have on their electricity bill.

An old saying goes, “Sell the benefit, not the product.” Focus on what your product or service allows your customer to do, rather than on the product itself.

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KCSI Software and Mobility

Top companies are already aware that enterprise mobility will potentially transform their business. It is becoming a priority for many firms to shift from a legacy-first to a mobile-first strategy. Emerging mobile hardware and ‘The Cloud’ are merging hardware and software to create greater connectivity. Data collection becomes swifter, cheaper and easier, with the information driving productivity in a proactive manner. KCSI uses the latest in mobile technology to expand your mobile capabilities and drive your mobile-first strategy.

Customer Resource Management

With KCSI’s CRMUnleashed software, you can create and track your customer base and all transactions and communications between their company and yours.

In CRMUnleashed, we make it easy to list cases in an easy and flexible manner. To view the Case List window, proceed to the Customer Service menu Case List option.There are several options available that change the results and the way they are displayed.

Result Sorting – By clicking the table headers you can resort your results based on the header you clicked on.

To open a case listed in the results, just click the case number of the case.

In the simple and easy interface, you can track all communications, add notes, file documents and images, with speed and ease. Logging of phone and mail communications take only moments and provide a comprehensive, indexed and centralized customer service resource.

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SIMMS 2016 Does What You Need

Managing inventory has never been as easy! SIMMS Inventory software lets you take full control of your inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with SIMMS inventory software developed by KCSI.

Our production team builds solid highly dependable software. If you need a job done then rely on us. SIMMS Inventory has been built by the leading inventory software and scheduling company. Ensuring product quality and service.


Create invoices in a snap. SIMMS Inventory software gives you quick access to your inventory and customer details. No more hunting around for client or stock details!

Without the need for an expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, SIMMS Inventory interfaces with turning your client database into a valuable marketing tool. It’s easy to create personalized letters and mail-merge them into your favorite word processor or email program, and send special offers to your customers.

Never run low or be out of stock again. Our intelligent reordering system gives you complete control. Order in new items weeks or months before they are needed. No more lost sales due to insufficient stock.

Seeing the big picture and following the long term trends is important. Analyze your invoices and track your sales with our reporting system. Track long term trends and remove poorly performing stock before they become a burden. The fully featured reporting system lets you track sales over time, allowing you to monitor the performance of your promotions and advertising quickly and easily. You can give SIMMS a free trial here: