SIMMS 2016’s Accounts Receivable

A comprehensive module, SIMMS 2016’ Accounts Receivable also integrates with the General Ledger and the rest of the SIMMS Software suite of modules.

  • Batch Invoice Printing: Easily select a batch of customers along with various other options and process batch invoicing as you required.
  • Payment Processing: SIMMS’ Accounts Receivable module allows you to process payments for customers, enabling them to pay in any currency by cash, cheque, credit card or by applying existing credits on the Easy Payment window.
  • Cash Receipts Processing: Automatically apply cash receipts against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. This allows you to post miscellaneous cash receipts directly against General Ledger accounts and process any pre-payments against invoices not yet recorded.
  • Multiple Credit Cards: Store multiple credit cards per customer, including cardholder name and billing address. Storing this information for each credit card allows you to take advantage of the AVS (Address Verification Service).
  • Credit Card Processing for Cash Receipts: Posting of credit card payments can be done with ease in SIMMS with the 3rd-party plug-in to Synapse Gateway (Synapse account required).
  • Statement Printing: Print statements for a billing cycle, either monthly or quarterly, on standard or custom forms for either one customer or multiple customers.
  • Invoice Entry: Automatically calculate due dates, discount due dates, discount amounts, and commission amounts for invoice entries. Enter unlimited sales codes, miscellaneous charges, and add comment lines for each invoice in an easy-to-use grid-based Entry window.
  • Manual Cheque Entry: Write ‘on-the-fly’ cheques with little effort, enabling the repayment of your customers’ back credits when such requirements arise.
  • Invoice History Printing: Print history invoices for customer numbers, invoice numbers and invoice dates. Re-print Accounts Receivable invoices separately or invoices from the drill-down window in Invoice History.

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Custom Software from KCSI

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SIMMS 2016’s Materials Requisition

SIMMS 2016’s Materials Requisition feature permits all sales agents to have their own stand-alone SIMMS system and have their own customers and only one vendor (the host company). Hosts can export customers and inventory items or import and fill material requisitions and back-ordered material requisitions. Agents can import customers, inventory master, filled material requisitions or create material requisitions.

The host (main company) can export inventory from within the program (the item setups) to an XML file. On the agent’s system, the agent subsequently imports the file through the Import Inventory feature. Using the XML format for such data exchanges, both databases remain current and contain identical transactions and transfers.

Material Requisitions runs independently of SIMMS and links to the SIMMS data, and will be installed on both machines and the database connections made will be to local databases: the host/master’s full product database at the host’s site, and the client/agent’s database at the client’s site (the term site here is used as a relative reference, respective of any clients making remote connections to their databases).

The Material Requisitions feature makes the management of agents’ territories and sites easy and quick and guarantees that no steps are missed out in the process of filling the needs of agents and their customers.

SIMMS 2016 Tool Crib

SIMMS 2016 software helps companies of all sizes maximize equipment and tool utilization and improve productivity by ensuring the right tool is in the right place when it is needed.

SIMMS Tool Crib provides a powerful Tool and Equipment Management System that allows organizations in any industry to gain control of their tools, equipment or even firearms inventory.

  • Enhance visibility of tools and equipment status and location
  • Improve productivity and employee efficiency by allowing tool crib attendants to focus on more important tasks
  • Increase chain-of-custody tracking
  • Read multiple tool tags per transaction resulting in faster transactions
  • Reduce tool crib labor expenses

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SIMMS 2016 & The Supply Chain

A good Supply Chain Management solution provides a comprehensive series of features to support end-to-end processes including return management to accelerate the inspection and handling of defective goods, and automate the processing of claims with suppliers and insurance companies. Handling all lapses in your customers’ workflow can be one of the most important challenges faced by any inventory system, and SIMMS automates item and RMA tracking so they they become second nature to both your users and your customers alike. Communication and order flow must be optimized so that you can handle every sudden development as they occur. Contact KCSI today to learn more about this vital process.