The Key Benefits of Supply Chain Management


Employing a supply chain management solution, a business can:

  • Achieve up to 100% inventory accuracy, visibility and traceability;
  • Boost order accuracy, fill rates and on-time shipments;
  • Eliminate excess inventory;
  • Improve logistics tracking, to correct break-downs, inefficiencies, or problems in the supply chain before they become unmanageable;
  • Improve management control and reporting
  • Increase visibility and enhance collaboration across the entire supply chain by sharing valuable information such as demand trend reports, forecasts, inventory levels, and transportation plans with suppliers and other partners;
  • Maximize productivity and eliminate redundant processes;
  • Minimize storage costs and improve cash flow by better managing inventory levels;
  • More effectively manage its entire network by overseeing all activities across all suppliers, production plants, and storage and distribution facilities;
  • Optimize slotting, wave planning and container packing;
  • Streamline and centralize their distribution strategy, to eliminate the logistical errors and lack of coordination that can lead to delays, and,
  • Synchronize the movement of goods in the warehouse and yard.

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Sales Analysis with SIMMS 2017


Requests For Quotes (RFQs) and order placements are quick since necessary information either already exists in the system or is provided on-the-spot. Shipping information, costs, available inventory, prices specific to the customer, status of ordered items, and quantity pricing is all at hand on a single screen. SIMMS 2017’s Sales Data is there where it is needed so that important decisions and processes can be implemented to maintain efficient service and accuracy for the benefit of both your business and your customers.

Sales order and quote histories are available, keeping information readily available for sales staff during calls and communications with customers. Exact stock details make sales history an useful tool to allow customer satisfaction to remain a primary goal. Consequently, warehousing personnel can easily process shipments, track their contents and provide all answers to all questions that may arise.

As SIMMS 2017 is adopted for use, sales analysis information will become readily accessible tools, improving decision-making and profit analysis. The conduct of sales transactions, filling of backorders, and transfers of stock to where it is required enables SIMMS users to make improvements to sales campaign and inventory management criteria.

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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to CRM Unleashed


You have quite a job – to evaluate and select a CRM solution among so many offers with unlimited numbers of case studies, white papers, awards, and claims. Bottom line: why choose CRM Unleashed?

  1. Easy Database Conversion and Migration to CRM Unleashed. CRM Unleashed uses its import capabilities to make upgrading happen in a flash.
  2. World-Class Sales Process. CRM Unleashed comes complete with world-class sales processes, allowing implementation of your own leading practices to work precisely and smoothly.
  3. No Database or IT hassles. Since CRM Unleashed On-demand is connected to over the Internet, synchronization with, or the rebuilding of, the database used is never a problem. Remote offices just connect from their locations easily to tie everyone of your branches or offices together quickly and easily.
  4. Deployment Choice. CRM Unleashed offers you the choice of deployment, whether On-demand (Hosted solution) or On-Premise (Non-Hosted solution installed locally on your own computer(s)).
  5. CRM Unleashed is one of countless businesses communicating over the Internet with Verisign, the industry leader.
  6. No Upgrade Costs or Maintenance Fees. Always have the latest version of CRM Unleashed On-demand. Note: An optional, renewable maintenance plan is available in addition to the frequent updates for the On-premise deployment option.
  7. Contact, Lead, and Opportunity CRM Unleashed provides robust management and analysis tools, supplying more than just records, histories, and notes.
  8. CRM Unleashed can be used by an unlimited user count.
  9. Ease of use. CRM Unleashed is simple to install and employ. Your staff can begin using it immediately. Built methodically from the ground up using practical needs that counter the problems found in other CRM programs, CRM Unleashed employs intuition and common sense steps to produce a usable application from start to finish.
  10. Rapid Evolution . Teams of programmers working long hours in two countries are able to create, enlarge, expand and improve CRM Unleashed as your needs change. Each year sees three new releases and thirty minor enhancements.

Exploding Limitations


Are you struggling with an impossible-looking task? Don’t give
up just because people tell you, “It can’t be done.” Almost
every great idea or invention in history started the same way.

When trains were first invented, several “experts” agreed
that if a train went at the frightful speed of fifteen miles an
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would suffocate when going through tunnels . . .

In 1881, the New York YMCA announced typing lessons for
women. Protests were made on the grounds that the female
constitution would break down under the strain. . .

When the telephone was first invented, Joshua Coppersmith
was arrested in Boston for trying to sell stock in a company
that would build them. The experts said that all well-informed
people know it is impossible to transmit the human voice over
a wire. . .

SIMMS 2017 Training


SIMMS 2017 training can be acquired in various time blocks, depending on the needs of your users and administrators. From a basic starter to a fully-trained SIMMS user, KCSI can suit the plan to your requirements so that you acquire the level of facility and expertise necessary. To some extent, any type of training session will include varying coverage of the following features:

  • Become adept at receiving, issuing and adjusting inventory items for effective inventory management
  • Enter different types of sales orders and invoices in Sales Order Processing
  • Learn how the SKU Generator can help you simplify your item number schema
  • Learn how the various modules share information
  • Learn how to enter and track item Manufacturer Lots as items flow through the system
  • Learn how to enter and track item serial numbers as items flow through the system
  • Learn how to enter purchase orders and receive items in Purchase Order Processing
  • Process Inventory Physical Count adjustments
  • Properly set up the various options found in SIMMS Software

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SIMMS 2017’s Apparel Inventory


In today’s apparel market, retailers and consumers push for lower prices, better quality and quicker delivery. To stay ahead, the apparel industry has responded with technology, innovative systems and information. SIMMS 2017 meets these challenges with our leading edge Apparel Inventory Software solutions that will help you compete and grow profitably today and in the future.

The SIMMS Apparel/Embroidery Software is designed to help apparel importers, distributors and manufacturers meet the competitive demands of quick supply demands and limited capital availability.

Our apparel clients include manufacturers, importers and distributors of men’s and ladies’ fashion and sportswear, children’s clothing, leisure wear, lingerie, foundation garments, swim wear, jeans, t-shirts and furriers.

SIMMS has been designed to ensure that your business has timely and accurate information on inventory location, movement and valuation in order to control and safeguard your inventory. From data pertaining to the receipt of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any time, down to the exact style/size/color, SIMMS 2017 will enable you to successfully manage your apparel/embroidery inventory.

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World-class support is one of the principal reasons that KCSI is a leader in the Inventory Management arena.

KCSI offer a wide range of options. We offer on-site or online training and implementation expertise.

There are several support plans to choose from empowering you to pick the plan that works for your company.

Upgrades for SIMMS as they are released. You will always have the latest, most current version of SIMMS.

Pre-paid Support
Purchase a block of support service time to ensure the smooth operation of your system on an ongoing basis.

Appearance Versatility: Customize your color scheme, title, logo images and dashboard spectrum.

Calendar and Reminders: Schedule, issue and task events in day, week or month formats in the calendar. Set up email notifications and reminders from the calendar or from required and target dates on an issue or project.

Strong Help Desk Software/Case Planning: Create customer cases, transfer cases from employee to employee, communicate with your customer through case management and the customer portal, prioritize your cases using case planning, and much more.

Organization and Grouping of Filters: Make specific issue types, tasks, etc. available only to members of certain organizations and groups.

Installation and Upgrades: Provide basic information to our installation application and be fully functional in no time.

Knowledge Base: 24-hour access to product and service information, FAQ’s, and common resolutions.

E-mail Notification: Keep submitters, case workers, clients, assignees and other interested parties updated through email. Customize messages in your own words with the information you wish to include.

Easy Attachment Processing: Add files of any size and format to companies, users, cases, organizations and knowledge base entries.

Schedule Agent Availability: Schedule the availability of agents using the calendar.

Dashboard Versatility: View your key metrics at-a-glance in a breezy graphical display and employ a multitude of customizable system options.