Anticipating Needed Stock


Often the purchase of stock items may seem to require some sort of clairvoyance to know the quantities that customers will want. SIMMS Inventory Management software will enable users to set up blocks of time — known as stages — during which such transitive items can be bought in advance of the systematic ‘rushes’ that occur throughout a financial quarter or term. Analytical reports on usage and inventory turnover can help the pattern be spotted long before the rush comes.

“Anticipatory inventory” is stock that is stacked or held by a company to provide for unanticipated demands for a product that cannot be met by the production team. In other words, if the production unit suddenly goes on a strike, finished goods will not roll out of the factory. When this happens, business’ sales are likely to be effected. But proactive companies with anticipatory inventory would be able to supply during such crises and ensure that the sales do not suffer. Anticipatory inventory is only a temporary answer and can handle sales demands until the existing stock units are depleted.

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