Post-Holiday Sales with SIMMS


Here are a dozen useful ideas for what to do once the holiday rush time has passed:

1. Always Have New Products or Services That Debut After The Holiday. Launch a new product or service to avoid a drop off in sales after the holiday. You can also perhaps give away a new product with any purchase made after the holiday.

2. Check Back With Those Who Bought Gifts. After the holiday, email them suggestions on other items to buy next. Request info about the person they bought the gift for, such as birthday details, and plan to automate email promotions that arrive in advance of the birthday.

3. Continue Holiday Marketing After the Holiday. People are still in buying mode in the week after the holiday, especially the gifts or gift money they received for birthdays, prizes or for Christmas. Keep pushing new deals for a month after the main holiday and many will buy from you.

4. Exercise Social Media.  Reward social-only customers with things like discounts for Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

5. Give Thanks to Holiday and Loyal Shoppers. Send customers who purchased during the holiday season thank-you emails that highlight exclusive offers or targeted deals for a particular period.

6. Offer Discount Coupons. Provide deals that give attractive discounts on a future purchases that go into effect two (or four) weeks following their first purchase. Gift cards towards future purchases can benefit your company’s present and future sales. The wisest discounts are 10 to 20 percent off purchases, or a $10 to $20 gift cards.

7. Promote a Post-Holiday Contest. Endorse an online contest where customers send in photos of wild or wacky gifts they received.

8. Remember the Mobile Shoppers. Provide mobile shoppers with very attractive deals and exclusive items that they can’t find elsewhere.

9. Spark Up Your Remarketing.  Advertising to people who have already visited your business is always appreciated and often draws additional purchases when you promote complimentary products.

10. Stretch Out Your Deals for the Post-Holiday Period. Buy one–get one free deals are always successful. You may want to have the second one ‘half off’ instead but if the deal is for items that are not selling well your discount policy helps you to recoup capital. Clearance sales of seasonal fashions or holiday-themed items give you a chance to move products off the shelves. Another tip is to discount such items if they are sold online, which produces increased traffic for mobile buyers, who might buy more when they visit.

11. Think World-Wide. Increase customer involvement all year round, not just at Christmas.

12. Vacuum Up Any Sales From Shopping Cart Leftovers. Contacted shoppers about residual items in their shopping carts – and maybe offer a deal.

A Well-Stocked Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

12 orders coming
11 typers typing
10 heapers heaping
9 with financing
8 forks a-lifting
7 bins a-hauling
6 bills of lading
5 golden things
4 dolly loads
3 bent pens
2 storage drums
and a carton left in Bay “C”.

Merry Christmas, everyone :-)

Reconciling with SIMMS

SIMMS’ Bank Reconciliation features streamline the process of performing credit card and bank reconciliations. SIMMS is easy to use, automated and very affordable.

You can avoid manual reconciliations because of their inexactitude. But no matter how often you reconcile, whether you’re in balance or not, SIMMS makes the whole mundane task both instant and straightforward. Once you’re on SIMMS’ easy-to-use interface, just point-and-click.

Process Cash Purchase Transactions
Smoothly process your cash purchase entries and split the amounts between accounts (if you need to).

Enter Credit Card Charge Transactions
Quickly enter credit card charge entries and split the amounts between accounts (if you need to).

Bank and Credit Card Accounts
SIMMS makes adding Bank and Credit Card Accounts simple with a light and quick wizard. SIMMS’ Bank Reconciliation features take all the pain out of performing credit card and bank reconciliations.

Enter Deposit Entries
Enter, edit and track your deposits with ease.

Easily Transfer Funds
Transfer funds from one account to another easily with SIMMS’ quick-as-a-wink interface.

For a free trial of SIMMS, click here:

Technology Dates


Technology Dates

1898        George Eastman patents the Kodak roll film camera.

1889        Almon Strowger patents the direct dial telephone or                                       automatic telephone exchange.

1894        Guglielmo Marconi improves wireless telegraphy.

1898        First telephone answering machines come up.

1904        First regular comic books.

1906        Lee DeForest invents the electronic amplifying tube or                                    triode. It allowed electronic signals to be amplified,                                             improving telephones and radios.

1910        Thomas Edison demonstrates the first talking motion                                      picture.

1914        First cross-continental telephone call made.

1916        First radios with tuners giving access to different stations.

1923        Iconoscope, the first TV camera, is invented by Vladimir                                 Kosma Zworykin.

1925        John Logie Baird transmits the first experimental television                       signal.

1926        Warner Brothers Studios invents a way to record sound                               separately from the film on large disks, and synchronized                             sound and motion picture tracks upon playback.