Using Aliases with Inventory Items — Happy Vendors and Satisfied Customers

With SIMMS, Item Aliases can be assigned, allowing users to make particular the aliases desired for each item either when ordering from your vendors or selling to your customers.

As purchase orders are created from a vendor, the alias unique to their catalog of stock will match the data on your order, guaranteeing that the exact items you order will be the ones they make sure you receive. As customers order from you, their reference item number or name is the alias you can assign to the stock in your warehouse, again contributing to the accuracy of their order since your sales order or invoice will reflect exactly the inventory pieces they need. you now have the capability of assigning your items as many aliases as you require, and relate your aliases to specific vendors and customers.

This additional level of accuracy is yet another leading feature that SIMMS Inventory Management System can provide for your business. Shipping and receiving personnel and sales and purchasing departments can operate with complete confidence knowing that they are dealing with the specific stock items that you and your customers require. Guess work and mere hope are replaced with precise knowledge and up-to-the-minute data. Utilize SIMMS’ Item Aliases feature to create both confidence and competence for your clients.