SIMMS Sales Advantages

SIMMS Sales features let you customize each quote you give whilst knowing all the costing details.

Sales orders can be issued as complete or for only the partial status, and generate invoices for each stage. Users can even add items related to sales orders to purchase orders already in the system. Utilize security settings to allow sales orders to be approved and authorized prior to the issuing of stock. Sales orders can be placed on hold to control their issue and/or directly issue stock at the sales order level. Clone sales orders from saved sales orders or easily convert existing quotes into a new quote to streamline repeat orders.

Keep the rotation of your stock by monitoring and controlling items’ expiration dates. Select and maintain serial number and manufacturer’s lot information for your stock. Quickly choose select alternate Ship To and Bill To addresses are easily selected. Users can apply quick payments towards invoices all on one screen.

All these requirements are seamlessly handled through SIMMS’ Sales features intuitive General Ledger Module to complete any necessary processes.

KCSI, the world manufacturer of SIMMS Inventory Management software, are leaders in inventory software for small to medium-sized businesses. Contact them today to learn more about the importance of managing your stock accurately and thoroughly.

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Sheldon Kornyk stays involved in every aspect of Kornyk Computer Solutions International (KCSI) including but not limited to marketing, operations, R&D, product development, customer relations (PR) even web site development and design. Sheldon Kornyk is a visionary as he has a gift for being able to tell what the industries require as far as software automation and makes every effort to provide for all industries, as a result he has released several software packages including but not limited to SIMMS Inventory software, CRM Unleashed and (PLP) Personal Life Plan software. KCSI was founded in 1996, and quickly grew to serve thousands of customers and substantial internal growth in customer-based sales. Mr. Kornyk understands the importance of products and services that can add the insight necessary for medium/large-sized businesses to become successful. Prior to forming KCSI, Mr. Kornyk also held both programming and management positions at a large software house. He earned several awards from SCO Canada for his accomplishments as an SCO UNIX Developer/Programmer. His experience, certification and skills include the following areas: Business management, programming, e-commerce, B@B solutions, Unix Openserver5/UnixWare 7 & 7.1, Microsoft SQL 2000/2005, Microsoft .NET, Frame Relay, inventory management, Point of Sale, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, C#, C++, Cisco routing, All SCO authorizations and certifications as well as strong foundations in inventory, manufacturing and production control, distribution, and purchase order/sales order processing. Having recognized the importance of experienced personnel in analyzing the needs of clients, Sheldon has built a team composed of people who are well qualified in their area of expertise—this gives the KCSI team the ability to provide reliable solutions for every client. Sheldon also advises on all R&D, ensuring that ALL Software Developed by KCSI remains full of new, valuable features and capable of running with the best of the breed.

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