Customizable Software is the Future of Inventory Management

One thing we can all count on in life, and especially in business, is change. We may not like it but it is inevitable, and the more versatile the tools we use, the more prepared we are to adapt to the changes without breaking stride.

Let’s just choose one area that might effect how we do business: a new governmental regulation. We now need to track some new string of data with every item or every transaction — a new process can have us scrambling in no time. We suddenly need our inventory software to adapt to this new standard.

How many software packages we’ve bought off-the-shelf will suddenly be capable of this new requirement? Not many. What we need is software to be adaptible to our inventory needs — one that anticipates change as well as being customizable in the short term. Out-of-the-box inventory solutions may roll in features for the new regulation in their next version, which might be some two years down the road. But what about our needs now? Customizable software, born from a direct personal relationship with its manufacturer, will be the only reliable solution to sudden changes.

Ask yourself if you have chosen the package that is readily adaptible to your needs, and whether its manufacturer rolls in updates and changes on a regular basis. Surely, this must be your first criteria when deciding what software package you should buy.

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