New Business Info Leads to New Opportunities

When systems compile information from a database, they merely grab values that are needed for time-worm formulas. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, built-in reports can be customized to link to information that may not be included in those standard formulas. These customized views often produce the best and most useful data.

Perhaps more profits can be made by introducing an entirely new plan, or often a subtle adjustment can make all the difference. Such decisions require the information to be current and accurate. With SIMMS, users are provided with many sorts of analytical data from various reports and numerous displays that provide the material needed to make the most sound business decisions. Commonly, as vendors change and prices are adjusted either higher or lower, inventory and accounting personnel need to adjust the details of doing business.

Stock consumption, items that sell least or sell most, items that depreciate as they sit unsold on the warehouse shelves or pieces that seem to require more repairs or replacements than do others — all these concerns can lead to much-needed changes imparted by managers and department heads. Complete information is the answer to the challenge for those whose jobs require swift and easy adjustments to make profits maximize and overhead costs decline. Decision making is made simple and complete when using SIMMS.