Your Sales Process Checklist

In the rapid world of business, you need versatility and adaptibility in the sales software package you use. Here are some requirements to check for when you’re in the market to buy a package to handle your quote-sales order-invoice-Accounts Receivable process:

– You must be able to customize each quote you give before you have settled on all the details.

– You should be able to select and maintain serial number and information for your inventory items.

– Alternate Ship-To and Bill-To addresses need to be easily selected.

– You should also be able to maintain the rotation of your stock by monitoring and controlling their expiration dates.

Sales orders need to be issued as complete or just in partial status, and invoices must be possible at any stage of the process.

– You may need internal security to require orders to be approved and authorized prior to the issuing of stock.

– You must be able to place sales orders on hold to control their issue.

– Also, you should have the ability to issue stock directly at the sales order level.

– New sales orders can be created from saved sales orders.

– You should be able to easily convert existing quotes into new quotes in order to make repeat orders a snap.

– You also must be able to add items related to sales orders that are already underway.

– You need to apply quick payments towards invoices from a single screen.

– Lastly, you need to be able to sell to anyone, anywhere.

These features would be what I consider to be the minimum requirements for any business for its sales process, and they all should be part of the software package you employ. Good hunting!