Inventory Management Software

It is necessarily true that the best software for managing your inventory must cost you the top amounts that your competitors pay. Ask yourself ‘Will the software save me TIME?’. If it does, then it may give you a distinct advantage to what you aim to achieve. Revenues are the sole responsibility of your sales team, so if the software helps both your warehouse team AND helps your sales department maximize your inventory turnover and sales bottom-line, then the software can cost much less than other companies spend and make your month-end sales targets an easier reality.

Second, are you losing reporting accuracy while at the same time your staff entering transactions and stock has been bogged down by the novelty of the program’s processes? The two do not have to be mutually inclusive: a program can be both easy to understand and quick to use as the improvement tool it SHOULD be. SIMMS 2012 has the advantage of being the reliable source of accurate numbers while allowing dozens of transactions to be entered every day and concurrently letting people in all departments where they stand in relation to your customers’ satisfaction. Delays are bound to happen, but you can take advantage of them IF you know they exist.

The third concern is how much cash is coming IN to your business while stock is moving OUT the warehouse door. With the promise always of the newest technology and features, KCSI designs SIMMS to be the go-to-resource that you will need for many years to come. Customized programming is another bonus to dealing with KCSI – your idea comes to us, and we make it a reality that you can implement as soon as absolutely possible. Return On Investment is always a prime worry when you purchase software…how soon do we see the benefits? Contact KCSI today to learn more about everything that you NEED (including the steps to take to make them happen) – and find how new and up-to-date that SIMMS is. You’ll grow as SIMMS grows, and learn as it simplifies with each new feature.

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