E-Commerce Opens the Path to Increased Sales

Many businesses need to modernize to keep up with their projected goals for the future. One area that can create higher and steadier profits is to be able to deal directly with customers in the online marketplace. A webstore with a shopping cart can open your firm up to more than the success you have anticipated.

SIMMS 2012’s new web-based E-store application, StoreFront, is linked directly into your SIMMS 2012 information base, thus making your E-store truly live, with completed sales appearing in SIMMS as sales orders for pending sales. New customers instantly are created in SIMMS when they create their accounts in the E-store. Automatic credit limits can be implemented to allow in-store credit to be applied and/or credit card sales to take place (SIMMS currently interfaces with the Synapse Gateway payment system, and will add more payment systems very soon).

In short:

  • E-Store Managers can administrate through use of an easy control panel on web site
  • E-Store products are unlimited in number, and can be added into SIMMS and will appear in the E-store upon refreshes of the pages.
  • The page count for the E-store is also unlimited.
  • The entire E-store is complete and self-contained, with shopping cart, customer and content management all being quickly processed and controlled.
  • Shipping services of many standard types are handled easily and accurately.
  • Pricing of items can be reset by manager as needs arise.
  • Automated e-mails enable you to have confirmation of all orders placed and the item sales that have taken place. This enables easy checking of stock counts for accuracy and anticipation of future supplies you will need to re-stock.

The SIMMS 2012 E-commerce Solution makes your business work in the smoothest fashion while having all the behind-the-scenes muscles you’ve come to expect.

Imagine your company functioning more efficiently while at the same time costing you less. Now stop imagining and choose SIMMS 2012 E-commerce to make both things happen.