SIMMS: Uses of the Transaction Manager

SIMMS Inventory Management software features a robust Transaction Manager that permits users to master all details related to their transaction needs. From a single window, users can reopen, edit and/or print purchase orders, receipts of goods, sales orders and invoices within the system. Details can be added as a particular acquisition process moves towards completion. Stock required for a sale can be transferred to where it is needed, orders can be created from vendors and their receipt monitored, and backorders can be filled and confirmed while the steps of the transaction progresses.

In addition, users can produce numerous reports to check the status of sales and purchases. Kitting (BOM) and work orders required for the pending sales can be tracked and completed, leading to completion of all preparatory steps. Steps are streamlined by the importation of quotes or sales orders directly into invoices, thus saving them from having to be created from nothing. In all transactions, customers can be created directly from the transaction screen. On the purchasing transaction default screen, the Item Manager can be accessed to create stock on-the-fly.

Purchase orders can be generated based on sales orders, and sales orders can be created from pre-existing purchase orders. Service and Return processes such as Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) and Returns to Vendors (RTV) can be launched directly from the default transaction screen, bringing these important functions into being while the time spent by the user is reduced. SIMMS’ Transaction Manager feature is a versatile and comprehensive interface that optimizes users’ time and access to the most common and necessary duties used in improving their commercial concerns.