SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager

SIMMS 2012 has enlarged and expanded the capabilities of its reliable workhorse, the Visual Import Manager. Data you have compiled outside of SIMMS can now pulled flawlessly into the SIMMS database, saving you a lot of time establishing your item list in the system. Taxable items can be imported quickly and easily into SIMMS with the feature available to mark them as taxable before the import process even begins.

Starting with the new choice for a preferred date format to suit the date format of your source document, KCSI has enhanced the importation of purchase order format/templates, and augmenting the sales order importation with manufacturer’s lot preferences where the oldest lots can be selected by their oldest expiry dates. Sales orders also have their due dates auto-imported so that you instantly know where you stand for shipping and receiving as soon as you view current sales transactions after their import into SIMMS. Payment terms for items and vendors can also be auto-selected – and can be updated for best requirements, giving you ever more current data for every item in your source document.

Related to item details, apparel items can now be imported perfectly with all their specific sizes and styles. Categories for items can now contain, as is often used in industry, apostrophes – both for possessive item names as well as for subdivisions of the categories themselves. Stock specifics such as serial numbers are quickly and easily imported into SIMMS, thus providing even more accuracy immediately after the item import.

With new muscles to flex, SIMMS 2012’s Visual Import Manager is faster and more accurate than ever, bringing your stock data into SIMMS in record quick fashion.

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