The Ease of Upgrading

SIMMS Inventory Management software has a real-time Easy Upgrades feature for users who have bought previous versions of SIMMS so that they have the best and newest version of SIMMS at all times. The SIMMS Support Packages available from your SIMMS representative provide instant access to all service packs and full version downloads that come available. Other software packages are what they are — but SIMMS grows and changes constantly, based mostly on users’ needs. This makes SIMMS unique because users are not permanently limited to a software solution that out-of-the-box does not include much-needed features. As SIMMS evolves each year, new service packs released for the current version include many new features and improvements.

As long as the user’s Support Plan is paid and up-to-date, all the newest and the best new improvements and features remain immediately available to them. This investment in the future success of the user’s business as their needs expand make for a perfect pairing — a growing business managing more stock and new processes combined with a software company that anticipates and incorporates more solutions for the company’s increasing needs.

From within SIMMS itself, users can perform easy upgrades to the SIMMS application on all in-house machines that run SIMMS. Thus, SIMMS administrators can perform the upgrades in a few simple steps or the upgrade project can be implemented smoothly by the users’ IT personnel, ensuring that all SIMMS users are running the newest and the best version available. As time passes and your business expands and changes, keep in step with an expanding and changing software that keeps your greatest needs front-and-center. Easy Upgrades is one of many features making SIMMS your best choice for inventory and accounting management.