SIMMS 2012 and Your Vendors

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software provides an unbroken link between its stock information and its standardized accounting features to provide you with the accurate data you require. From addition to subtraction of stock pieces, exact item count recording and management, complete financial data, and costing controls, you can do it all with SIMMS.

In regard to Vendor Costing, companies usually receive identical items from several different vendors based upon the best cost and convenient availability. In the SIMMS program, each item can be assigned vendor-specific aliases (names or numbers) and unique costs can be maintained for each vendor. This gives you the option to choose any vendor you want at any time.

As items are replaced by newer or different pieces from the vendor, and costs rise or fall accordingly, you can alter descriptions and monetary values easily, and lists of the new items can be produced in various report forms so your sales department can keep up with the pieces your company now offers.

You can also batch together multiple items from a single vendor onto one purchase order to streamline your SIMMS experience into one session that is both quick and easy, with the aliases helping the smooth and exact selection of items with their vendor-specific details. Thus, you’re always assured that items you need are clearly listed for your suppliers.

SIMMS 2012’s Vendor Costing features are yet another way to keep you doing more business in a more optimized method than your competitors. Your customers will thank you.

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