Accounting with SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012’s Accounting features provide a multitude of information for the expansion and improvement of your business. It contains many advanced management features for financial success and tracking. With a new interface, features are easier to use and let you decide which feature windows you add to your work area. Keep the features on the desktop that you use most and remove those that you don’t use, using an easy method of customized design. If you use SIMMS for sales, have the reports and windows you need display; if your co-worker is in the purchasing department, their main screen will display only the features that they use.

From budgeting to allocations, Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable, multi-currency management, cash processing, depreciation, as well as cash and fixed asset management, SIMMS lets you adjust on-the-fly and make significant changes as your customer base continues to grow.

Customizable and flexible, SIMMS can meet any of your business requirements, and works smoothly in combination with existing software. Balance between accounting and inventory processes has never been more complete and detailed than with SIMMS 2012, THE comprehensive accounting and inventory solution.