Stock Identification and Tracking

To be thorough and accurate is the aim of every good inventory program. SIMMS 2012 has the features you need to know exactly what stock you have on-hand, what stock you have on order and what stock you will need for every schedule or project in your system. SIMMS allows you to view self-defined locations from shelves to crates to bins to pallets to cupboards and rooms and warehouses, and every sub-location you need.

Advanced and customized reports can provide information on locations containing zero counts for items, items with current negative stock counts, just items with serial numbers, just items with manufacturer’s lot numbers and/or items with approaching expiration dates. From tracking a particular item you can glean its full history from the date it was received into the system, if it was returned for repair or replacement, as well as every detail of its issue to a customer.

When you need to know any particular tracking detail of an item, you can find it in SIMMS. Whatever you’ve assigned to that item is quickly and easily located. Whenever an item is transferred from one location to another, there is an easy record to be found of it. Every change to an item’s stock count — due to both its sale or its manual stock count adjustment history — is available by a few clicks of your mouse.

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