Backup Company Information with SIMMS 2012

SIMMS 2012 Inventory Management software in its initial use lets you create your company and its preferences quickly and easily. Company information can be established on in the first session so that it is instantly applied in both letterhead and logo form on all documents and reports. The SIMMS Company Manager prompts you for all necessary information and lets you place your company logo on the program’s main window, with the format requirement being either in JPEG or BMP format.

The SIMMS Company Manager window provides you with the first interaction with SIMMS. From here you can restore backups that you have made of your company’s database or create backups that let you keep your company data secure and keep its data pristine up to that moment. Any system crashes, whether in terms of operating system corruptions or physical harddrive failures, can be survived using the company resoration process. Down time can be for only the matter of minutes and certainly for no more than an hour. even in the most damaged systems. The Company Manager keeps your information and business procedures reliable, consistent and stable.

For the purpose of this consistency, we advise that backups be performed on a regularly-scheduled basis, at the least weekly or, if possible, on a daily basis. SIMMS employs Microsoft’s SQL Server platform, which in its full version can be setup to perform regular, automatic backups that can be backed-up and stored in your designated data security policy. When you consider that numerous transactions are taking place, along with receipts of stock, shipping of orders, and other details can be entered into SIMMS every day, a practical and pragmatic approach to your company data is of utmost importance.

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