What’s On Your Critical Checklist?

Recently a great number of successful businesses were requested to list the most important steps they had taken to improve their company in the previous twelve months. The resulting details can be applied to any company (with necessary adjustments for their respective industries or specialty services).

Ask yourself which of the following can be achieved by your company and then take steps to make the changes possible; if any business can improve on half of these areas, everyone will notice the improvements in the business.

So here (in alphabetical order) they are — twelve months, twelve improvements:

  • Accelerated turn-around time of orders


  • Created a more effective organizational structure


  • Improved order accuracy


  • Increased flexibility and agility


  • Increased productivity levels


  • Leveraged valuable information


  • Maximized the value of the contents of the warehouse by turning over every item a minimum of at least three times per year


  • Optimized work schedules


  • Prevented disruptions from shift-to-shift


  • Provided real-time interaction


  • Streamlined decision-making


  • Tracked performance updates


Now you know them, pick one and get on with it!