Historical Data That Helps You In Future

Managers and administrators often have to look back at patterns of previous sales and other transactions. Their quick criteria needs to be quick: previous month versus this month, previous quarter versus this one. SIMMS Inventory Management software permits users to set a default to the amount of transactional history that is readily viewable. Once they know there are only so many screens of historical data — chosen based upon their needs — their research and comparisons are then equally quick and easy.

From the Global Settings screen inside SIMMS, users can set how far their history display will go back. Choose a week, a month, a quarter — all set easily from a single screen that becomes a default until it is changed by a program administrator.

This display history option is just one of a large range of settings that can make SIMMS the easiest program of its kind anywhere in the world. Contact KCSI today to learn more about more features that make SIMMS Inventory software solution the best choice for you.