Knowing Where Things Are Supposed to Be

The most common cause of loss to a company is stock loss. This can be due to employees with ‘sticky fingers’ but can also be due to mismanagement of inventory during its transfer to other sites where it is needed or due to something as simple as misplacement in the wrong bin or on the wrong shelf. Warehouse and stockroom personnel need something to which they can refer and reports that ultimately serve as checklists for confirmation of delivery and receipt.

SIMMS Inventory Management software provides a tracking capability superior to other solutions by tying transfers and orders directly to the personnel involved in the items’ arrivals and departures. This makes your level of track-back simple and allows administrators and managers to know precisely where much-needed stock actually is at all times.

User logins, staff assignment and stock history all provide the most up-to-date information for sales and purchasing agents so they can tell your customers exactly when to expect delivery. On-hand stock is quickly reserved or marked on-hold for particular sales so that the reliability your customers deserve never need suffer, so that you become your customers’ first choice every time. Visit to learn more about the SIMMS Inventory Management solution.