SIMMS 2015 Grows With Your Business

Development, growth, insight, energy and innovation will always create a path that leads to where everyone will travel. With an eye on a constantly-changing horizon, you will always be adding improvements to any system you already have. Out-of-the-box solution from problems of today limit you to just those challenges and rarely present opportunities to add in solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. But with software that grows with you and your business — an evolution both fluid and practical — you stand a better chance of retaining your lead and providing novel and feature-rich paths for your future.

Today’s competitive business world requires that every aspect of the business is up and running and not suffering from down-time. With SIMMS Inventory Management system, you’re almost instantly online, so that service and billing can begin. Unlike systems that are cobbled together from sparse and unrelated pieces, SIMMS has already assembled multiple technologies and work management systems to coordinate its installation, meaning that not only is each user up-and-running correctly, but also that their billing system is equally current.

Taking time to haggle with your technology and management departments over needed features when you have a wait-til-next-version open in front of you is limiting and debilitating when the needs are current and pressing. Few of us have enough patience for this, and we should not have to wait very long. Your relationship with your software contacts can make open customization the rule rather than the exception. Their product will be better as soon as possible, and your business will not have some impediment hold your company back.

Contact KCSI today to find out more about the features SIMMS 2015 already has and get your foot in the door as to how it will be in its updated version. Mutual benefits are right around the corner for you with SIMMS 2015 from its accuracy, ease-of-use and constant evolution.