Stock Transfers—Your Saving Grace During Rush Time

A customer calls with a need for a package of exactly twenty units of a certain product. However, your local storeroom only has fifteen. Using SIMMS Inventory Management software, the concern is quickly forgotten with a quick glance at SIMMS’ Quick Stock Window, which shows you all your stock in all your locations, both local and distant. You confirm the delivery with the customer then process an Item Transfer. Location B across town has the other five and you transfer them to your branch, and upon arrival, the entire shipment is out the door to the customer, as requested.

Here you go...

SIMMS’ Item Transfers are made from a simple Transfer window that allows movement of single items (or groups of items) simply and easily. The transfer confirmation process allows for complete up-to-the-minute accuracy when the receiving department logs into SIMMS the moment the goods physically arrive. Transfers can contain many items, all of which can be targeted specifically, such as Item 1 going to Shelf A, Item Two going to Bin B and Item 3 going to Room C.

Thus, while other companies are scrambling to both get orders placed with their vendors and then scheduling the delivery date(s) with their customers, you’ve already got the order on its way to the customer. Let your competitors be rushed and frustrated. With SIMMS Item Transfer feature, you can keep your cool and provide precise and timely service to your customers.

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