Tool Tip: Expiration Dates

KCSI Technical Writer Marc Kondylis sends us this  Tool Tip:

Expiration Dates

If you stock items with a limited shelf life, you can assign expiration dates to these items. In addition SIMMS can alert you when that item nears its expiration date. The careful management of items with limited shelf life can prevent losing stock (and money) because an item has gone bad.

Enable Expiration Dates

Before you assign an expiration date to an item, you need to enable the option.

  • In the Item Manager window, click the Advanced tab, and then click Use Expiration Dates.

With the option enabled, you can then set the expiration date for the item when you receive it into inventory.

Assign an Expiration Date for an Item

You assign an expiration date for an item when you receive it into inventory. In addition to assigning the expiration date, you also need to assign a manufacturer lot code for the item.

  1. On the Modules menu, point to Purchasing, and then click New Receipt of Goods.
  2. Process the receipt of goods as you normally would, but on the Details tab, in the Manufacturer Lot list, select a manufacturer lot.


1. Click the Expiration Date check box, and set the expiration date in the date box.

2. Compete your receipt of goods as you normally would.

SIMMS can alert you when an item comes close to its expiration date.

To receive alerts for items close to their expiration dates, go to Setup > Settings > Global Settings > General tab. In the Expiration Date – advance warning of  box, type the number of days before an item expires that you wish to receive an alert.

To view a list of all items with an expiration date, go to Inventory > Operational Reports > Item Reports > Expiration Report.