ToolTip: Making a Deposit on a Sales Order

This week’s ToolTip comes from KCSI Technical Writer Marc Kondylis:

Making a Deposit on a Sales Order

1. On the Modules menu, point to Accounts Receivable, point to Money in Advance of Customer, and then click Make a Deposit on a Document.

The AR-Depositswindow opens.

2. Click New in the toolbar.

3. From the Customer list, select a customer.

4. From the Payment Type list, select the method of payment (cash, check, or credit card).

5. In the Payment Per Type box, type the amount of the deposit.

6. In the Comment text box, type a comment.

7. Under Document Type click the Sales Order option button.

8. Click the Order No. ellipsis button.

A list of sales orders displays.

9. Select the sales order to which you want to apply the deposit, and then click the Select and Closebutton.

SIMMS enters the sales order number, sales order date, and the sales order total in the AR-Deposits window.

10. Click the Save icon in the toolbar and then click Close to exit the AR-Deposits window.