Has Bins

Stock items are of numerous sizes and with SIMMS Inventory Management software, every location can be specifically named, no matter how many you have or what size they may be. Building Two, Drawer 7A, Bay 13, Shelf 9, Bin 26 — no storage location is either too small or too large when it comes to accurate inventory tracking when using SIMMS. Vehicles and other moving containers can also be monitored, and transfers of stock between any and all locations is a snap. Contact KCSI today to find out more about the simple yet sophisticated management of inventory locations found in SIMMS.

Lock Mess

Access to your business comes in many forms: secure doors with keys in the possession of selected choice personnel, data security guaranteed safe from outside trespassers, and control of access to data by particular personnel. Keeping others out is a major concern concurrently with allowing authorized staff to work with all the data they require. SIMMS Inventory Management software makes security both simple and efficient while not impeding the tasks that your select employees need to complete. Using the newest and best technology on the market today. Contact KCSI now to find out how all of your security worries are alleviated when you use SIMMS.

Pair of Graphs

Some data displayed as a sorted columnar list works best. Other information makes the most sense when available beside similar data from the past. Certain data and trends are best revealed visually using bar charts and pie charts, which emphasize the conclusions and differences in simple terms and dramatic form. SIMMS Inventory Management software incorporates the choice of having many of the most important reports in the system print as organized text or as visual graphs. Explore a trial version of SIMMS by contacting KCSI today.

Down To Brass Tax

The headache of total prices being charged within your stock-tracking system can beset all people within your organization. Some items are marked-up, some are discounted. Others are reduced because of bulk sales; some pieces are suddenly more difficult to find and more expensive to acquire. And finally, on top of everything else, there are the taxes — some items tax-free, others partially-taxable, and still others fully-taxable. SIMMS Inventory Management software coordinates all these complex combinations seamlessly into a comprehensive yet easy-to-use package. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how easy inventory and sales tracking can be with SIMMS.

Checks On Cheques

Knowing your accurate account balances is invaluable to all staff in the purchasing, inventory and accounting departments of your business. The SIMMS Inventory Management solution provides its users the ability to confirm the payments, by cheque or credit, to the numerous vendors and manufacturers with which your company conducts commerce. Account balances are kept current and thorough with ease and can be checked either on-screen or on printed reports from within the program. And since all reports can be exported into numerous other formats, anyone from any branch or section can be provided the specific information they require. Contact KCSI today to learn more.

The Evens Are At Odds

Often when inventory managers take stock while orders are being collected for shipment, most software packages don’t have the facility to allow this counting to take place. With SIMMS Inventory Management software, users can perform their counts on a per location basis, therefore allowing all orders filled with stock from all other locations to continue. Users simply switch to the next location not being affected by the shipment assemblies, so by day-end, all locations can be checked and confirmed. Contact KCSI today to learn how SIMMS can help your business be checked for accuracy while business processes continue at the same time.

Don’t Cut The Branch Off While You’re Standing On It…

SIMMS Inventory Management software solution is designed to contribute to the ease and fluidity of a company’s inventory and finanacial needs. With built-in features that make handling multiple locations — branch stores or offices — users never need wonder where their stock is at any time. Separate branches can easily interchange stock using stock transfers, keeping the process easy to both check and confirm. Contact KCSI today to learn how SIMMS can make your complex network easier to understand and coordinate.

Valuation For The Station

The SIMMS Inventory Management system provides the data you need to balance your costs with your revenues. Markups over cost are the deciding factors between businesses that are competitive and those that flounder for a while and then go under. If your overhead is high before a single sale takes place then your company is playing catch-up right before the monthly starting pistol ever sounds. A low overhead, which factors in a minimal warehouse staff and satisfactory storage costs, makes your bottom line much more achieveable, meaning that your profit margin contributes more to your pocket than to your creditors’ pockets. Contact KCSI today to find out how SIMMS can make this come true.

Shelves Brimming Over

Too often companies will realize that though their shelves are loaded with stock items, the revenues for the month are not making all this storage — and its costs and personnel — worthwhile. SIMMS Inventory Management software can help users turn this trend around so that your profits improve and your overhead is kept both low and manageable. Reduced stock counts that climb only in preparation of anticipated orders bring more immediate return on the investment. Movement of more stock does not require a huge warehouse staff, but only a steady stream by and organized team of personnel. Orders get streamlined and quickened. Contact KCSI today to learn how SIMMS can make your inventory process more immediate and more lucrative.

What They Need To See

Various departments need to see certain things at all times, and never ever need to see other things at any time. SIMMS Inventory Management solution establishes a structure for administrators to implement an access control for both data and modules, providing only those appropriately designated to view and work with only the data they require. Contact KCSI today to learn more about how SIMMS enables administrators protect the processeses and information in their businesses.

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