SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency functionality to business of all sizes. Currencies from anywhere around the globe provide an edge over your competition. Unlimited currencies makes your accounting and sales details complete and easy, no matter where your vendors or customers are. Outstanding balances in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable can be both displayed and reported easily for all currencies in which you conduct business.

Processing payments is swift and efficient, and the ability to override default currencies for vendors, customers and/or items is complete. Full EMU accreditation is part of the process automatically. Different selling and buying rates are supported. Make easy updates to exchange rates as they fluctuate.

At the transaction level, changes can be adjusted or entered to keep the balances accurate and immediate. Checks can be printed in any currency to any individual checking accounts that users choose. Additionally, within a Point of Sale scenario, the user’s base currency or the customer’s base currency can be employed seamlessly at-the-moment of sale. The versatility of SIMMS’ Multi-Currency module will make all these challenges simple to address at the time and will aid to the expansion of your business to anywhere in the world.

Sales Commissions

SIMMS Inventory Management Software includes a comprehensive Sales Commissions feature that makes this important process both easy to set up and reliable for its accuracy. Companies often wish to see how regional or departmental sales agents have contributed to the revenue of the last campaign or sales period. Accounting departments need the access and tracking of the amount of commissions owed to the staff. Both requirements are answered easily by SIMMS.

Both on a by-transaction basis and on an accounts receivable basis, users can create percent-specific commissions which feature categories of items, item quantity ranges and/or percentile groups. Once the commissions templates have been created, they can be applied to whichever agents the user selects.

Items and their groups can be factored into the commissions. Commissions containing customers’ purchase volume rates correspond to their particular purchase deals with your company. Further, maximum value schedules and royalty payouts also are applicable easily in SIMMS’ Sales Commissions feature.

Sales Data

As SIMMS is adopted for use, sales analysis information will become readily accessible tools, improving decision-making and profit analysis. The conduct of sales transactions, filling of backorders, and transfers of stock to where it is required enables SIMMS users to make improvements to sales campaign and inventory management criteria.

Sales order and quote histories are available, keeping information readily available for sales staff during calls and communications with customers. Exact stock details make sales history a useful tool to allow customer satisfaction to remain a primary goal. Consequently, warehousing personnel can easily process shipments, track their contents and provide all answers to all questions that may arise.

Requests for quotes (RFQ) and order placements are quick since necessary information either already exists in the system or is provided on-the-spot. Shipping information, costs, available inventory, prices specific to the customer, status of ordered items, and quantity pricing is all at hand on a single screen. SIMMS’ Sales Data is there where it is needed so that important decisions and processes can be implemented to maintain efficient service and accuracy for the benefit of both your business and your customers.


SIMMS Sales features let you customize each quote you give whilst knowing the all costing details.

Sales orders can be issued as complete or for only the partial status, and generate invoices for each stage. Users can even add items related to sales orders to purchase orders already in the system. Utilize security settings to allow sales orders to be approved and authorized prior to the issuing of stock. Sales orders can be placed on hold to control their issue and/or directly issue stock at the sales order level. Clone sales orders from saved sales orders or easily convert existing quotes into a new quote to streamline repeat orders.

Keep the rotation of your stock by monitoring and controlling items’ expiration dates. Select and maintain serial number and manufacturer’s lot information for your stock. Quickly choose select alternate Ship To and Bill To addresses are easily selected. Users can apply quick payments towards invoices all on one screen.

All these requirements are seamlessly handled through SIMMS’ Sales features intuitive General Ledger Module to complete any necessary processes.

Work Order

The SIMMS Work Order Module allows you to issue work orders, tracking both schedules and costs within the manufacturing process. Monitor costs, works-in-progress and variances within your particular process while committing both manpower and equipment in their most efficient ways. Comprehensive reports keep you on top of the activities involved, letting you know how much stock will be required for current and future assemblies.
Gain the advantage for your engineering/assembling business needs with the SIMMS Work Order Module.

SIMMS POS (Point of Sale)

SIMMS POS (Point of Sale) software takes cash register automation to a whole new level. Imagine tracking customer purchases and habits, gift card management, administration, charge account management, shelf printing included in one seamless integrated solution. Imagine powerful accounting capabilities, enhanced inventory control, polling/file transfers, space management all being offered in one system.
  SIMMS POS is a full featured Point of Sale software solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SIMMS modular package while combining functionality and information for more effective cash management. Easy to use, information is displayed in a familiar Windows graphical format, known for its incredible flexibility. SIMMS POS provides a true small to large-market retail business system that is designed from the ground up to be a complete retail business management solution.

Remote Data Collecting Inventory Management Software Solution

Unchain yourself from your desk with SIMMS Windows Mobile SoftwareDo you long for the ability to achieve accurate inventory counts in an on the warehouse floor?

Frustrated with costly data-entry errors?

Looking for a remote inventory software solution that doesn’t cost a fortune?

Are you tired of being chained to your desk?

A Windows Mobile Software Solution is compatible with almost any Windows Mobile 5 or newer device offering a batch or wireless-based inventory software Solution…

A powerful barcode solution, beginning with the implementation of the SIMMS Windows Mobile Module, streamlines your entire business process.KCSI offers customers a kitted total inventory control solution by combining software with the appropriate hardware for your application. With the SIMMS Windows Mobile module you can automate the essential functions of your organization to maximize your staff’s time. Connect quickly with customer and vendor data, track your fixed assets, stockroom inventory, complete physical count adjustments, receive purchase orders and issue sales orders all remotely and effortlessly.

Does this sound familiar?

At the end of each year, if not more frequently, you initiate an inventory physical count of your department branch, warehouses, office or storeroom. Of course if you utilize distributors, each of your sales partners does the same, often calling in your staff to help with this overwhelming, never-ending, tedious task.Often preparing to complete an inventory item physical count can be a real pain. To ease this pain, many companies have spent tens of thousands of dollars on hardware, software and often additional programming to enable them the ability to scan barcodes containing their items UPC or other stock-keeping unit codes to synch the numbers with the inventory management and/or accounting system.

The solution is simple – The SIMMS Windows Mobile Program is an optional module sold and designed to work seamlessly with the already powerful SIMMS inventory management software, this module is a remote data collecting software solution that addresses the need to connect quickly with customer and vendor data, track your fixed assets, stockroom inventory, complete physical count adjustments, receive items and issue items all remotely and effortlessly without hurting your pocketbook.

SIMMS software’s Windows Mobile Program works on Windows Mobile-based devices (smart phones, data collectors and even Pocket PC 2003 or newer devices), it helps you save time and eliminate human error in tallying product totals, and completing transactions remotely free from the boundaries of your computer enabling you with the flexibility of walking through your warehouse and processing inventory physical counts on-the-fly transmitting the data directly into SIMMS inventory management software either in batch mode uploads or live via wireless LAN/WAN. And unlike straight barcode scanners, Windows mobile devices with barcode attachments if required cost quite a bit less then competing solutions.

With the SIMMS Windows Mobile Program on your windows mobile device you can easily complete your invoices, receipts of goods, inventory transfers, physical count adjustments, you can even create items on-the-fly when using the device in live wireless mode. Employees simply scan codes on the orders and all of the information is passed to SIMMS Software right away if wireless live mode is enabled otherwise if batch mode is your preference all data on the Windows Mobile device is synchronized with the SIMMS system in just minutes. There is no need to process inventory, receipts of goods, item transfers and invoices chained to your desk, you are now free to roam your office, warehouse or branches completing these tasks easily and remotely

With the SIMMS Windows Mobile Program, you have the flexibility to choose your hardware and your budget.

SIMMS Windows Mobile Module advantages:

  • Collect data instantly – Warehouse and shipping/receiving staff can record bar-coded items with a scanner connected to a lightweight, completely portable hand-held computer (HHC) with Windows Mobile 5. An array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way—not only inventory counts, but also quantities, item numbers and lot/serial numbers of goods invoiced or received.
  • Eliminate costly time – consuming manual data entry. Import data from the HHC into your SIMMS system in batch mode or live at the moment of entry using the wireless mode thereby virtually eliminating costly inventory errors with the advanced features found in the SIMMS Windows Mobile inventory software solution.
  • Free yourself from your desk — now with the SIMMS Windows Mobile Inventory software solution you are free to walk around your warehouse and process your invoices, receipts of goods, physical count adjustments and even add new items on-the-fly on a hand-held Windows Mobile device.
  • The flexibility to choose the hardware you want (as long as it has Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003 SE) thereby giving you the solution you require at a budget you can afford.

SIMMS Accounting Software Features

SIMMS Business Accounting Software is a series of robust applications covering all areas of accounting business management.  The accounting software is designed for businesses with 10-1,000 employees and boasts an advanced financial management solution, which forms the foundation for the entire suite of applications.  SIMMS Accounting Software also boasts the following features: advanced budgeting, multicurrency management, currency trader management, advanced allocations, fixed asset management and cash management.

More SIMMS Accounting Software Features:

  • Accounts Receivable: Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes and add automatic calculations to your procedure to avoid errors and duplicate entries.  SIMMS Accounting Software effectively automates and manages any business’s collection process thus improving cash flow and customer satisfaction.
  • Accounts Payable: SIMMS Accounting Software has several options that will streamline the approval process, automate vendor related tasks and simplify voucher entries to make any business run more efficiently.
  • General Ledger: The SIMMS General Ledger features allow any business to process intercompany transactions, establish flexible accounting periods and budgets and perform future postings.  SIMMS Accounting Software puts a business in control of financial data by providing quick access to critical data.
  • Banking, Bank Rec and Cash Management: This module of SIMMS Accounting Software allows for automatic cash transacations and secure record keeping.  This accounting software allows for quick and accurate reconciliations of all bank accounts as well as perform bank transactions with accuracy.
  • Canadian Payroll: Easypay Payroll is a Canadian software product developed and supported in Canada. Easypay is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and SIMMS Software offers a direct interface to this Canadian Payroll solution.
  • Quickbook Links: QuickBooks users can view SIMMS Invoices, Credits, Sales Summary, Payments, Bills, and other transactions for any linked contact.
  • Multicurrency Management: Maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, leveraging the ability to update exchange rates daily, and post realized and unrealized gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.

SIMMS Accounting Software is fully customizable and flexible and can meet any business’s needs whether a small or large business.  SIMMS Accounting Software works in conjunction with existing software.  Get a free accounting software demonstration now.

E-commerce Software Solutions from SIMMS Inventory Software Part II

As seen in the previous post SIMMS Inventory Software can more than handle all E-commerce functions and easily aligns a business’s online operations with their offline ones.  SIMMS Invdentory Software is more powerful than any other ecommerce software solution out there.  Here are some more featured of the inventory software.

An online business can easily import products from XML and Excel making existing files easy to import and customize in SIMMS.  SIMMS also supports a gift registry feature that can also be made anonymous; along with this comes the Wish List feature.  SIMMS Inventory Software also has a multilingual feature allowing an online store to dynamically run-time language switching. 

Everyone knows that the buzz word in ecommerce and any online store today is search engine!  SIMMS Inventory Software allows your ecommerce website to be search engine friendly, which means more visits to your online store, which means more sales.  A few of the search engine features SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution offers:

  • EVERY product, category, and department page can have their own custom search engine meta tags (title, keywords, description, no script blocks, etc)…
  • Static Product & Category Pages: Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product & category page in  your store.
  • Google Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Google search engine submission method sanctioned by Google
  • Yahoo! Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Yahoo! search engine submission method sanctioned by Yahoo
  • Fully dynamic page titles, and search engine meta-tags
  • Here is how SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solutions will benefit your online customers:Customer can view Order History
  • Customer has address book
  • Customer can easily re-order any prior order
  • Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer (similar to style checkout)
  • Recurring orders (e.g. for auto ship products, monthly subscription fees, monthly service type products, etc
  • Skip account creation on checkout

Another benefit to your online customer is the fact that SIMMS Ecommerce Solutions allow a myriad of payment options for your customer:

  • Credit Cards (Accept Credit Cards in Real Time: Cards can be processed & verified in real-time, or you can delay processing until a later time)
  • Check By Mail
  • e-Checks ( and Itransact gateways)
  • C.O.D
  • Purchase Order
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Express
  • Request For Quote
  • MicroPay (this is also referred to as a Purse). Customer can put money in an account, and then purchase against it, or add to their balance
  • Gift Cards (coming soon)

To see even more benefits of SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution go to our site and receive your free invenotry software demo today!

Ecommerce Software Solutions from SIMMS Inventory Software Part I

Do you want your online store to run more effeciently?  Do you want a one-stop software solution that is feature-rich and offers shopping cart solutions for multi-channel online sales?  SIMMS Inventory Management Software solution allows integration with leading accounting, point of sale and fullfilment systems like SIMMS Inventory Software.  KCSI offers all professional services to help you set up your online store; this includes customization, operations and marketing.

Whether you’re a small merchant just getting started or a high volume seller looking to streamline and upgrade your online operations, SIMMS StoreFront has an e-commerce solution to meet your needs.  SIMMS E-Commerce Software Solution allows an online business to fully integrate its offline systems with its online operations allowing for greater efficiency and lower operations costs.  By offering integrations that allow merchants to synchronize their online and offline processes, including order details, inventory, product and customer information, SIMMS StoreFront is leading the market in addressing this demand.

General Features of SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution:

  • Store management done by admin control panel on web site
  • Provides complete web site solution, including shopping cart, content management, customer management etc
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited number of Content/HTML (topic) pages

Product Categorization Features:

  • Unlimited Number of categories & departments.
  • Categories and Departments can be fully nested to any level desired (e.g. sub-categories, sub-departments)
  • Supports cross-matrix of products by category and department. E.g. a product can be mapped to the shoe category, in the women’s department
  • Products can be mapped to more than one category or department
  • Paged browsing for categories and sections: Keeps page size small, and optimizes user experience.
  • Customers have the option to “view all” on any page
  • Category, Department, and Manufacturer “names” can be renamed (e.g. “Brochures”, “Products”, “Car Parts”, whatever you need that is appropriate for your unique store site products
  • Disable buy buttons for specific products
  • Set Site to Wholesale Only (Prices not shown to general site customers)

SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution fully supports all PayPal payment systems (PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout and regular PayPal).

SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution takes care of all of your shipping needs.  Some of the shipping options featured in SIMMS are:

  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Item Shipping Costs
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Percent of Order Total
  • Specify All Orders As Free Shipping
  • Real Time Rates (FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS)

SIMMS Ecommerce Software Solution is a robust solution for all businesses selling online.  Having one softare solution to streamline your offline processes with your online operations will increase efficiency and lower operation costs.  More Ecommerce Software Solutions features to follow.

Inventory Management Software Solutions