What Makes SIMMS Inventory Software Different? Part I

There are many inventory management software programs out there to choose from for your business.  KCSI is a very different company than any others out there, which makes their SIMMS Inventory Control Software unqiue and an excellent choice for your inventory control needs.  Here are some of the things that set SIMMS Inventory Management Software apart from other programs.

SIMMS Inventory Control Software was designed by business owners who needed their own inventory software solution.  After using and crashing several inventory control software programs, management at KCSI realized there was a need out there for a more robust and funtional inventory control software.  This is when they put their team of designers to work; they challenged their many programmers to come up with something better.  The teams, who are in 2 different countries worked 16 hour days to come up with the best inventory control software on the market.

Because KCSI uses its own inventory control software they know when to make changes and enhancements.  This has led to there being at least 3 major and 20 minor enhancements to the software a year.  Having the large team of programmers at their disposal makes changes and enhancements very easy.  This also helps with the very short implementation time – less than 10 days!  You will be up and running with SIMMS in no time at all.

SIMMS Inventory Control Software is also the most cost effective program on the market.  With KCSI’s flexible payment options you will see an extremely high return on your investment because SIMMS Inventory Control Software will increase revenues, inventory control and business efficiency while keeping your inventory control costs low.

Stay tuned for part II…

Simms Inventory Software Awarded “5 Stars Award”

The Software Evolution Team from Soft32download.com has awarded Simms Inventory Software their “5 Stars Award” for being a high quality inventory software product.  Soft32download tested the Simms software on August 7, 2008 and was impressed with cleanliness and ease of use of the software.

After testing Simms inventory software Soft32download awarded Simms Inventory software 5/5 Stars Rating, which means the software is a Premium Software.

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